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Non-sewered, ecological and
design public toilets

non-sewered - transportable,
modular - positive carbon footprint

WéCo conceives and produces ecological flushing toilets not
connected to a sewer system. The technological innovation
enables the recycling of the flush water with a closed water
circuit. WéCo toilets can be installed in non-sewered areas
since it does not need to be connected to a sewer system. It
can also be transported and moved easily. Our toilets are also
provided with a domotic system to provide different services
to users and to facilitate the maintenance of the toilets.



The water used is filtered directly on-site and re-used for
the next flush. The material used are ecodesigned. Thus, the
excrements will be transformed into natural fertilizer or

Thanks to a technological innovation, our toilets do not
need to be connected to a sewered system, leading to
savings and the possiblity to move them easily.

The system is fully automated. This ensures a technical
efficiency and a high-standard technology. WéCo toilet is a
smart building secured by an optional video camera.

Both the interior and exterior design are personalized to
suit the needs of the client and the users: choice of
appropriate materials, equipments, services and other
utilities are available.

The added value of WéCo
Financial : no need to pay for any junction to a sewer system or to build a foundation.
Ecological : no wasting of drinkable water, unloading of water treatment plant which result
in an energy saving, a positive carbon footprint and the awareness of the users.
Technical : an innovative treatment process without odour, pollution and connected to
ease the maintenance. 
For the users : a clean, secured and pleasant place offering a large amount of
Communication : touristic promotion of the area, information about its ecological
commitment and communication between the place of the toilets' set up and the users.



Floor area: 7,5m²
1 unisex toilets for disabled with a urinal

Floor area: 14,8m²
- 2 toilets including a toilet for disabled*
- 2/3 urinals


Floor area: 29,6m²G30

Floor area: 29,6m²
Welcome area
Man restroom:
- 1 toilet for disabled*
- 1 normal toilet
- 2/3 urinals

Woman/man separated restroom:
- 7 toilets including a toilet for disabled*
- 6 urinals

Woman restroom:
- 1 toilet for disabled*
- 2 normal toilets 

The technology
Our urinals do not use flush and thus are not accounted in the
following capacity figures.
- Standard technology: capacity 100 flush/ day
- High attendance technology: 300 flush/ day

Basic offer:
Toilet/wall anti vandalism
Hand sanitizer
Automated technical management (motion
sensor, technical alert)
Personalised interior/exterior

* the number of toilets can be increased if there is no toilet for disabled

Optional extra:
Security camera for the non-private area
Additional external urinal
Essential oil diffuser 
Baby-changing table
Display case
Electrical plugs
Urinal with integrated screen
Automated flush
Personalised designof the urinal/ toilet bowl
Contactless distributor of hand towel/toilet paper
Water fountain

In Africa, according to the world bank, the urban
population will quadruple by 2037 but  50%
the sanitary installation are yet to be built.*

                  people worldwide do not have access to
adequate toilets. As a consequence,   1,8
                people are
drinking water contaminated by fecal sludge

80% of waste water, contamined with bacteria, heavy metals

The connection, to the sewer system, of public toilet costs,
in france, on average 25

In France, the setting-up of a sanitary system
increased the life expectancy by 13 years.

Water-éCoquette (WéCo)
RCS Créteil 805 375 821
Matériaupôle Paris Seine-Amont
6 rue Pasteur
94400 Vitry-sur-Seine FRANCE

+334 28 38 05 29
More information at www.water-ecoquette.com

7102 tropeR tnempoleveD retaW dlroW NU eht fo hcnuaL :noitatneserP PAWW*

and persisting pollutant, is released in the nature without
any treatment. This waste water pollutes the soil
while it should be saved and used as an energy resource. 

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