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Dear World!
On April 24th 2017 the Armenian people will commemorate the 102nd remembrance day of the Armenian Holocaust perpetrated
by the Ottoman Empire on April 24th 1915. The first genocide of the past century took place from 1914 to 1923, where 1’500’000
Armenians were systematically exterminated. The evil goal of our perpetrators was the complete eradication of the first Christian
nation from the surface of the earth!
Many nations and institutions around the world have recognized this despicable crime against our people and humanity but until
this day the Turkish Government vehemently denies the facts and worse it refuses to ask for forgiveness! What an agonizing truth!
Our grief is undeniably deep! Who can survive 102 years with such an open wound?
Our altruistic movement AfterApril24th2015 answers this endlessly painful question. We believe a Magic Armenian has the
responsibility to work relentlessly on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide with a heart of a Savior! We all have the obligation
to make sure such crimes against humanity never ever happen again! Some do their mission through politics or writing, others do
it through serving their country and others, like us, do it through singing for love, peace and hope!
And so, we are honored to share with you our music. The Album The Magic Armenians! published on CDBaby (
is blessed with 10 enchanting songs dedicated to the Armenian people! Do not hesitate to listen to our pop – soft rock music
through the free Download card attached. We would be delighted to come and sing our Album and other of our compositions live
for you should you organize any gathering on behalf of Armenia. We hope you will enjoy our songs as much as we enjoyed
composing and performing them for all to remember that we are one on this April 24th 2017!
Magically yours

Marie Van Marcke
Founder – Songwriter

Artur Galstyan
Music Producer – Songwriter

Paul Van Marcke
Co-Founder – Executive Producer

Our junior Magic Armenians:

Jean 13

Ulysse 11

Lilit 15

Siranush 13

Marie-Angélique 9

Aimé 6

From Luxembourg to Armenia with love!
After April 24th 2015, Founder Marie Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian, 11, Henneschtgaass, L- 5485 Wormeldange-Haut,

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