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Welcome to PartyInkers, Singapore based Live Silk Screen Printing Company for Events. With over 10 years of TShirt Printing experience, we will turn your event into the next big thing!

Some examples of our Setup
Live Screen Printing is half on-site screen print-shop and
half life of the party. During the printing process, the party
guest gets to select a shirt, the designs, the placement of
designs, and then watch as their creation comes to life. While
the process for each shirt only takes a matter of minutes, no
two shirts are truly the same.
Live Screen Printing creates an immediate buzz and becomes
the center of attraction for any event. Party guests have been
known to wait for over an hour in line for their chance at a
custom T-shirt. With a variety of the best up and coming
graphic designers and artists to choose from, PartyInkers can
create up to 8 custom designs and logos ahead of time for
your event. These designs become the basis for the T-shirts
and can be used by party guests in an endless number of
combinations to create their custom T-shirt.

Partyinkers is the live T-shirt printer in Singapore for Event. We can activate with a single Live Screen Printing press
equipped to handle 4 single color images for your event launch. In addition, depending on the size of the expected
attendee turnout, we can also provide additional silk screen stations to increase total production into thousands of
custom printed items.
With over 10 years of silk screen printing experience, Partyinkers is here to push the boundaries in silk screen printing
to be done Live for events and we are proud to announce that we are the first and only Premier Live T-shirt Printing
company in Singapore. Currently, we are also open to expansion in other parts of Asia. So if you are looking for a
franchise opportunity, this is your chance! We will be providing you with the same custom built mobile t-shirt printing
machine and our professional, educated staff will be able to provide adequate training to ensure you live up to our
For those who are wondering what can this do for your event, you are looking at a creative and entertaining event
service that can bring your event to the next level by creating both an immediate message and a tangible memory via
custom printed items. Items you can consider are t-shirts, totebag, hoodies, bandanas, etc. Virtually any item can be
printed on and customized on-site we are limited only by our imaginations. What we can assure you is that this will
create an immediate buzz and your event will become the next trending statement.

Contact information
12 Lorong Bakar Batu
#02-10, Singapore 348745
Tel: +65 9877 9343

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