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Why Should You Buy Lely Resort Real Estate
Lely Resort is the ideal place to stay. It is a community development that has three
championship courses and an award winning lifestyle club.
Lely Resort Naples FL is a community of condos and single-family homes. Spread over 2,900
acres, the resort boasts three championship golf courses and a beautiful club with resort-style
pools, restaurant, tiki bar, fitness facilities and a full-service spa facility. It is a very beautiful
resort where lots of buyers want to buy a home.
Which type of home you need?
How about buying a home close to a golf course? Most properties in Lely Resort feature golf
and/or lake views, some preserve views are also available in select neighborhoods. Home styles
range from attached villas with up to 2,100 SF living area to free-standing single family homes
with living areas between 1,800 and more than 5,000 SF. Most homes were built by Stock
Development; some of the homes in the Classics, Tiger Island and Lely Resort Island Estates
area were built by various other builders.
Lely Resort condos come in different sizes from 1,000 SF to 3,000 SF. If you need your condo to
be spacious, so that you can invite family and friends, research listings in Cipriani, Signature
Club and Player’s Cove where you will find condos with the largest living areas. The smallest
condo in these subdivisions is 2,100 SF and the largest condo is 2,900 SF. If a small condo is
sufficient for your family then you should visit Alden Woods, Ascot, Champions, Hawthorne,
Legacy and Saratoga. These areas have small condos from 1,650 SF. These condos have one or
two car garages.
Compare location, luxuries and price before making your decision on the community you want
to live in. The real estate market is booming and there are many options today. But if you want
to stay close to everything, then Lely Resort is the optimum choice. Here you won’t have to
worry about anything. The biggest benefit is the wide range of prices.
A reason to make the resort your home
Lely Resort Real Estate is popular for two reasons: location and facilities. The resort is close to
downtown Naples and it is within driving distance to Marco Island beaches. It is well connected
to other areas so that the resort residents have easy access to shopping, dining, health facilities
and entertainment.

To explore Lely Resort real estate for sale, visit our website that provides comprehensive
information on its homes and amenities. Let us find the home that fits your budget and
requirements and become a proud owner of a Lely Resort home.

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