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KSE RENT A CAR is a Car Hire company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have been in the Car Rental industry
since 2010 and our experience covers Corporate Car For Rental, Luxury Car For Rental, Luxury Wedding Car, Chauffeur
Service and many more.
As a dedicate Car Rental Agency, our services covers Kuala lumpur & Selangor and upon special request, we can
accommodate Car Rental request throughout Malaysia as we have very good connection with Car Rental team
throughout Malaysia.
Our Car Rental KLIA offers Airport Transfer to flying-in guest from outstation & overseas. Client has the option to rent
business car, Luxury SUV & Luxury MPV among others. Car Rental can be arranged for Daily Rental or Monthly Rental.
We welcome client with the needs for Car Leasing as it gives an ease of mind for corporate client. Car Leasing can be
arranged from Daily, Monthly to yearly Rental.
As an established Car Hire in Kuala Lumpur, we cater for client looking for Economy Car For Rent (Budget Car Rental)
right up to BMW For Rent & Mercedes For Rent. We also has many units of 4 Wheels Drive For Rent. In our Car Rental
Company, we work hard to deliver excellent service to our client. We make sure our car for rent are highly maintained to
avoid breakdown during rental. We also offers Chauffeur Service following our client needs and itinerary. Many client has
take-up our Chauffeur Service and are very satisfied. Chauffeur service can be arranged with Van for Rental, Corporate
Car, 4 Wheels Drive For Rent, Luxury Car and Luxury Wedding Car. Our dedicated drivers are very experienced and
highly trained to assure a smooth and hassle free journey.
mydrivehappy is our corporate motto. Rent A Car from us and feel the difference !

Kereta Sewa Kuala Lumpur
KSE Rent A Car @ mydrivehappy
For those looking for “Kereta Sewa Kuala Lumpur”, you have reached the correct “Syarikat Kereta Sewa”. You can rely on
us for your “Kereta Sewa” needs. If you are a flying-in guest, we are more than happy to meet you at “Kereta Sewa KLIA”.
Contact us and experience a different experience of Car Rental!
mydrivehappy is our corporate motto. Rent A Car from us and feel the difference !

Luxury Car For Rent

Car Leasing

Chauffeur Service

Corporate Car For

Monthly Car Rental

Corporate Car

Car Rental KLIA

Kereta Sewa KLIA

Corporate Car For Rent

Car Rental Kuala Lumpur

Luxury Wedding Car

Luxury SUV & Luxury MPV

No 11 Jalan PJS 10/15, Bandar Sri Subang, 46000 Petaling
Jaya, Selangor Malaysia

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