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The Science of Being Great

Introduction by
Adrian P. Cooper
Author of:
Our Ultimate Reality
Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
The Science of Being Great is one of three great works by Wallace Wattles,
the most well-known of which is “The Science of Getting Rich”, which has
influenced countless people over the years to achieve great wealth of their
own by following the immutable Universal laws as taught him.
In this book, The Science of Being Great, Wallace Wattles applies the same
Universal principles as he does in his other works, but this time for the
principles of “being great”. The Universal principles and laws constantly at
work in the Universe, and indeed keeping the very structure of the Universe
together, will work equally as well for anything at all that can be needed,
desired and imagined.
In The Science of Being Rich Wallace Wattles teaches how to use Universal
principles to acquire wealth. In The Science of being Well he teaches how to
acquire and maintain health. In the Science of Being Great he teaches how to
make the most of your life and is a very appropriate volume to this valuable
and empowering trilogy.

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