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Tuition Guru - Tuition, Group Tuition
As educators ourselves, we are passionate about education and we understand your concerns.

We have a huge database of active tutors with proven results. We ensure that our tutors are
up-to-date with the latest syllabus.

Tuition Guru : Your Trusted Tuition Agency in Singapore
Tuition has been seen as a necessity for students in Singapore. We understand the stress and
pressure to constantly do better than before, and/or better than the other students. You want
the best and most suitable tutor for your child. But you don't know where to look, and due to
your busy lifestyle, you don't have the time to look into this.
Here at Tuition Guru, you won't have to stress no more. And we will save a lot of your time and
your children's time.
All that you have to do is fill up a short form here on 'Request for Tutor' , and we will do the rest
for you. It's FREE.
It only takes a minute for you to fill that form, and we will contact you for details and provide
you profiles of tutors once we've sourced them for you. We able to accommodate to your
request and criteria, and work on your budget if that is a concern.

T&C for parents/students
Modifications in time and date of the first lesson should be informed to us by the parents in
advance (at least 24 hours before first lesson) so that we can make necessary arrangements.
Cancellation of assignment before commencement of first lesson, will still incur you the
commission amount as stated in your invoice, to Tuition Guru.
Clients are allowed to make changes in the schedule after the first lesson is over. However, it is
not recommended by us to do so as the tutor has already reserved that time slot for you. If
there are any changes in the schedule, please consult your tutor to check whether he/she is
agreeable to the change.
If you find the tutor unsuitable for you, you can request for a change of tutor. However, once
the tutor agrees to take the assignments, he/she is bound to complete at least 4 weeks of
lessons without changing the rates or schedule. Do note that the tutor can terminate the
assignment once the 4 weeks of lessons are completed. We completely discourage such
behaviors by the tutors. Please notify us of such occurrence so that we can take necessary

Advantages of Group Tuition
 Interactive : There will be more interaction between tutor and students, and making
it more interesting and fun for the students.

 Understand better : There's other students who would be able to re-explain and rephrase what the tutor says, to the student who has trouble understanding the tutor.

 Competitiveness / Motivated : Students motivate each other to do better, and
they will want to do better than the others, making them motivated throughout and be

 Affordable Tuition Fees : The fees for group tuition of each student is normally
lower than private one-to-one tuition.
Our coordinators who contact you and source the tutors for you, are experienced in their job.
On top of that, they are/were tutors/teachers themselves, so they understand the tuition
industry well. And this makes our coordinators have better understanding of parents' and the
students' needs. Our coordinators are also friendly and always there to answer your queries.
These qualities set us apart from the other tuition agencies in Singapore.

While Tuition Guru will try to resolve conflicts between tutors and clients, we hold no legal
liability for problems and disputes that may arise. Any claims regarding any injury, damage or
loss (physically or monetary) while attending the home tuition will not be counted in our
responsibilities. This exception is also applicable to all cost and expenses incurred as a result of
such claims. We are just a firm for arranging tutors and we are not subjected to pay any losses.
If tutor found involved in loss and damage to the property of the client, he/she will be charged
to pay the losses.

https://www.tuitiongurusg.com | info@tuitiongurusg.com

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