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Pascal Giudicelli

Mechanical Engineer, 3D modeling
@ :

3D modeling and animation
Brochures, commercial images and presentation

In between video games and architectures resides an under-exploited place for 3D realism for the industry.

3D for
and every

In purpose of a presentation for stakeholders, and broadcasting, industrial projects and products can hardly affect.
Standard industry softwares are powerful design tools, but
can rarely result in an attractive way.

And here we start collaborating...

Pascal Giudicelli

Mechanical Engineer, 3D modeling
@ :

The industrial sense
From an idea to a faithful representation.

The way my service is different
Client’s schema

is in my serious and fast
comprehension about industrial
installations I am familiar with.

A few words, a schema, and
your project comes alive.

Global implantation




Pascal Giudicelli

Mechanical Engineer, 3D modeling
@ :

The flexibility, the fair price
Follow-up your project advancement with
intermediate visualizations.

A project is alive. It can evolve at
many periods of its life, and my
representation updates with it.
Main steps in the design phases
permit to imagine the advancement, but also allow for corrections and preliminary diffusion.

A simple visualization suits you ?
Updates to perform ?
I adapt my delivery.

An open and

rendering to
make decision,
to assimilate
the project

One modelised
many pictures

Pascal Giudicelli

Mechanical Engineer, 3D modeling
@ :

Let us talk about your project
They trusted me already.

A brochure, an invitation
Festival Folk Fraise 2017 in Rogersville, NB

An exhibition video, an inauguration
A-S-G, Ectrical devices for offices and

A presentation picture, a report, a poster
Sea-Invest, European leader in solid bulk handling.

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