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Application Focused, Smaller Footprint, Competitively Priced

Auxiliary channel DC and EIS for anode/cathode characterization
Highly repeatable sub 100 µW measurements
Highest accuracy DC and EIS

100 V Polarization and Compliance - organics, specialist corrosion
Fast data acquisition, pulse, CV and smooth analog waveforms
Highest accuracy DC and EIS

IMPS, IMVS, Photovoltage Decay, Charge Extraction, EIS/Capacitance
Auto analysis of diffusion coefficients and electron lifetimes
IPCE option for Quantum Efficiency (includes white light source)

I-V, Pulse, EIS, Capacitance, Mott-Schottky, C-V in a compact unit
Characterization of insulators, dielectrics and electronic materials
Market leading EIS - swept-sine, multisine, and harmonics

Meeting Program l May 28-June 1, 2017 l New Orleans, LA