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Photo by New Orleans Convention & Vistors Bureau

Photo by Cheryl Gerber

ECS Leadership
ECS Officers

ECS Staff

Krishnan Rajeshwar, President
Johna Leddy, Sr. Vice President
Yue Kuo, 2nd Vice President
Christina Bock, 3rd Vice President
James Fenton, Secretary
E. Jennings Taylor, Treasurer
Roque Calvo, Executive Director

ECS Board of Directors

Scott Calabrese Barton, Chair, Energy Technology Division
Mekki Bayachou, Chair, Organic & Bio. Electrochemistry Division
Christina Bock, 3rd Vice-President
Roque Calvo, Executive Director
James Fenton, Secretary
Turgut Gür, Chair, High Temperature Materials Division
Christopher Johnson, Chair, Battery Division
Pawel Kulesza, Chair, Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry Division
Yue Kuo, 2nd Vice President
Johna Leddy, Sr. Vice President
Yaw Obeng, Chair, Dielectric Science & Technology Division
Mark Overberg, Chair, Electronics & Photonics Division
Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy, Chair, Electrodeposition Division
Krishnan Rajeshwar, President
Madis Raukas, Chair, Luminescence & Display Materials Division
Douglas Riemer, Chair, Industrial & Electrochemical Engineering
Slava Rotkin, Chair, Nanocarbons Division
Daniel Scherson, Past President
Stuart Swirson, Nonprofit Financial Professional
E. Jennings Taylor, Treasurer
Sannakaisa Virtanen, Chair, Corrosion Division
Eric Wachsman, Chair, Interdisciplinary Science & Technology
Nianqiang Wu, Chair, Sensor Division

ECS Senior Management Staff

Roque Calvo, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer
Tim Gamberzky, Chief Operating Officer
Mary Yess, Deputy Executive Director & Chief Content Officer

Dinia Agrawala, Graphic Designer/Interface Production Manager
Marcelle Austin, Board Relations Specialist
Linda Cannon, Staff Accountant
Karen Chmielewski, Finance Associate
Karla Cosgriff, Director of Development
Paul Cooper, Editorial Manager
Beth Craanen, Director of Publications
Casey Annunziata, Meetings Specialist
Delaney Hellman, Development Associate
Rob Gerth, Director of Marketing & Communications
Annie Goedkoop, Associate Director of Publications
Paul Grote, Director of Finance
Andrea Guenzel, Publications Specialist
Mary Hojlo, Membership & Constituent Services Specialist
John Lewis, Acting Director of Meetings and Corporate Programs
Ashley Moran, Corporate Programs Manager
Winnie Mutch, Web Manager
Anna Olsen, Senior Content Associate & Library Liaison
Shannon Reed, Director of Membership Services
Beth Schademann, Publications Specialist
Amanda Staller, Web Content Specialist
Logan Streu, Publications Discoverability Manager
Beth Anne Stuebe, Meetings Content Manager & Interface Managing

ECS Editors

Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES)
Robert Savinell, Editor
Doron Aurbach, Technical Editor
David Cliffel, Technical Editor
Gerald S. Frankel, Technical Editor
Thomas F. Fuller, Technical Editor
Charles L. Hussey, Technical Editor
Janine Mauzeroll, Technical Editor
Rangachary Mukundan, Technical Editor
Venkat Subramanian, Technical Editor
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology (JSS)
Dennis Hess, Editor
Jennifer A. Bardwell, Technical Editor
Stefan De Gendt, Technical Editor
Francis D’Souza, Technical Editor
Kailash C. Mishra, Technical Editor
Fan Ren, Technical Editor
Vijay Ramani, Co-Editor
Petr Vanýsek, Co-Editor
ECS Transactions (ECST)
Jeffrey W. Fergus, Editor

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