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Get to Know ECS

Meeting Tips and Tools

The ECS Exhibit Booth
Stop by the ECS Booth on the exhibit floor in the Grand Ballroom to
engage and discover more about the programs and services available
to you. Representatives from publications, membership, meetings, and
development will be available at various times to answer your questions.

Technology at Your Fingertips
ECS is pleased to provide a complimentary wireless network and
meeting scheduling app for use here in New Orleans!

Learn more about:
• Free the Science initiative
• Individual and institutional membership
• How to publish with us and why publish open access
• Upcoming biannual and sponsored meetings
• Exhibit, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities
• Subscribing to the ECS Digital Library
• Awards, education programs, and much more
Special raffles will take place throughout the week.
Publish with ECS Following Your Presentation
Consider submitting your work for publication with ECS after the
biannual meeting. Content of proceedings from this meeting is
published in ECS Transactions (ECST). Papers appearing in ECST
are reviewed to ensure that submissions meet generally-accepted
scientific standards. The submission deadline for the 231st ECS
Meeting “standard” issues is June 11, 2017.
ECS also offers continuous publication in two journals, Journal
of The Electrochemical Society and the ECS Journal of Solid State
Science and Technology, while maintaining the highest standards
of peer review. ECS grants authors the choice to publish their
research as open access (OA), and many are able to do so for FREE
through ECS membership or through the ECS Plus subscription
program! To learn more, visit www.electrochem.org/oa or contact
oa@electrochem.org for questions.

Name: freethescience
Password: openaccess
Meeting App
Visit www.electrochem.org/231 and download the app to put the
technical program and personal meeting scheduler on your mobile
device. Browse, add, and sync sessions, events, and presentations to
create your own custom itinerary!
Stay Connected to Your Community
Connect, share, and discover through ECS’s social media pages. Stay
informed with the latest news in the world of electrochemistry and
solid state science, and interface with a like-minded community.
Nine Tools for a Successful Meeting Experience
• Access all of the meeting abstracts online at
• Become familiar with the Hilton New Orleans Riverside layout
by using the maps on pages 6-8.
• Download the personal meeting scheduler at
• Please turn off cell phones during presentations.
• Become a Member! Stop by customer service at the
registration counter for more information.
• Visit the exhibit hall in the Grand Ballroom to network and
learn more about the latest innovations in the industry.
• Stop by the ECS Booth in the Grand Ballroom to learn all
about ECS.
• Attend the ECS Publications Author Information Session on
Tuesday at 1700 in Chequers.
• Tell us about your experience by completing the post
conference survey we will send via email.
Go Green
• Access the meeting program online rather than taking a printed
copy at registration.
• Bring your own reusable container for coffee and water
throughout the week.
• Turn off the lights and unplug the portable device chargers in
your room when leaving for the day.
• Explore the downtown area by foot, check out the local area
map on pages 10-11.
• Recycle your plastic name badge holder in the appropriate bins
at the registration area.
• Download the ECS Mobile App to put ECS publication and
meeting content at your fingertips!


Meeting Abstracts
Always right at hand—and as always, FREE with registration.
Registrants may easily access all abstracts via the meeting scheduler
or may download them from the New Orleans meeting website. Wifi
will be available to download abstracts onsite. Paper editions of
meeting abstracts are not distributed; attendees who require paper
should download abstracts and print them in advance of the meeting.

Hilton New Orleans Riverside
Wireless Meeting Network

Name: freethescience
Password: openaccess

Meeting Program l May 28-June 1, 2017 l New Orleans, LA


General Meeting Information

General Information