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On record: Pop, rock and jazz | Culture | The Times & The Sunday Times

16/07/2017 19:13

Breaking act
stunner: Annalé

Who is she? A South Korean-American
singer and musician based in California,
educated at Berklee College of Music, in
Boston — fellow alumni include Quincy Jones
and St Vincent — and the daughter of a
conductor and an organist, Annalé had a huge
hit last year with the single Roses. It melded
jazz, R&B and soul, with results that could
have come from Michael Jackson’s OQ the
Wall album. Her new single, Showtime, which
continues where Roses left oQ, but with a
more Jam and Lewis vibe, is one of the slowgroove stunners of the summer. Her parents
must have had other musical pursuits in mind
for their daughter, but judging by the sounds
she’s creating, Annalé was right to stick to her
When’s the music available? Now; listen at DC

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