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Nelio started his music career in the early 90s as the drummer of ONEYED JACK,
one of the most famous French underground rock fusion bands signed to Sony
Music, recording 3 albums and performing more than 700 live gigs. After following
the famous acid-techno travelling tribes from free-parties to teknivals, Nelio then
decided to start DJing rare tracks from minimal tech house & techno to trance. He
has now played over 600 gigs as a DJ.
Nelio has lived in Goa, India since 2005 and has spent most of his time touring big
festivals and nightclubs throughout India and Asia. In France, Nelio has played
many times in all the major clubs throughout the country.
Nelio handles his tech-house/techno DJ sets by NeLiOInTheMiX (Arambolized/
Electric Zoo India/Vortex Goa/Boombox E) & he performs psy-trance as NeLiO
1EyED (Hilltop Records/Unknown Prod.)