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POF – 25.7.17
Really disappointed with this one as the only one I failed by one mark and I wish I never changed my
answers as it was pretty banky.
Following feedback was very useful from fellow students on the forum:
An aircraft is climbing vertically at a constant speed, what is the formula?
A) Thrust = Drag + Weight
B) Thrust = Drag
C) Lift = Weight
D) Lift = Drag + Weight
What is the most important factor contributing to the drag increase that is observed with airframe
A) Skin Friction drag
B) Parasite drag
C) Induced drag
D )Form Drag
Which of the following wings will have the least effective high lift devices?
A) Sweep angle does not change the effectiveness of high lift devices.
B) Wings with 15 degrees sweep angle
C) Wings with 25 degrees sweep angle
D) Wings with zero sweep angle
Which of these conditions are used in the determination of Vmca?
A) 5 degrees of bank. idle thrust
B) 5 degrees of bank, maximum thrust
C) 10 degrees of bank, idle thrust
D) 10 degrees of bank. maximum thrust
I also had a question regarding the characteristic of a supercritical wing in comparison with a
standard one :
I hesitated between two options : flat upper surface and reduce thickness but I went for flat upper
surface as a super critical wing allows thickness to increase Same as Question ID: 810634 but
different options
Last questions list you should focus on:
811339, 811239,811240,811241,811242,811243,811244,811245,8
4,811325,811326,811327,811328,811329,811330,811331 ,
811339,811340,811341,811342,811343,811344,811345 , 810602 , 810634,810478 , 810885

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