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ECOS Paints
PO Box 489
SC 29336-0489

This product looks like a baseball mitt covered with a fuzzy material that slips
over your hand. It has a plastic liner, so your hand doesn’t get covered in paint,
and it allows you to apply the paint in all those little crevices simply by rubbing
your hand over them. With a little bit of practice, this mitt works wonderfully
for this job. It’s also cleanable and reusable so keep it for future projects like
painting stairway banisters and pipes.

Everyone complains about fumes and strong odors from
polyurethane after floors and cabinets have been coated
and the headaches, breathing issues, or nausea that it
People leave their homes for days to avoid the worst,
throw out contaminated food when they return and
spend weeks afterwards washing and cleaning everything
to try to get rid of the smell.
That’s typical of polyurethane, poly, or traditional clear coat - to give you its
various names.
ECOS WoodShield Varnish is different, totally different.
Imagine being able to coat a floor or cabinet and
preparing dinner in the same room. What about
watching the TV while the contractor applies the finish
around your couch. That’s ECOS WoodShield Varnish to
give you its proper name. What is so different about
ECOS WoodShield Varnish?
Unlike traditional polyurethanes (poly, shellac, or clear coat) even many of
those labeled as “environmentally friendly”, ECOS WoodShield Varnish is nontoxic and has no traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which can cause
headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues.

ECOS Anti-Slip Interior floor paint is a finely-textured, semigloss floor paint for use on bare and previously painted wooden
and concrete floors (not subject to pooling).

Unique synthetic blend featuring Micro Tip filaments for the
finest finish with all paints. Firm, full formulation for smooth
paint flow and increased production. Stainless steel ferrule.
Sealed maple wood handle. Angle sash.

At ECOS, we have striven to go above and beyond common industry standards
and green certifications to create the best Zero VOC paint. Our products do not
contain the solvents, white spirit, turpentine, terpenes, ethereal oils, glycols,
coalescents, vinyl chloride, acrolein, formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors,
heavy metals, phthalates, APEOs and acrylic softeners found in many
traditional paints. Instead, we offer a water based, zero VOC, glycol free, toxic
solvent free, alternative with no traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which
can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues.
So, whether you’re looking for zero VOC paint, zero VOC varnish, zero VOC
primer, or zero VOC stain - consider going one step further with ECOS Paints.

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