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BCR and Bill Evans prides itself on the know-how, to understand and
implement the newest, latest, and greatest, technologies in the telecom world.
Let us help you to decide, and implement, SD-WAN, MPLS, DATA, or Hi Speed
Internet Circuits for your next project. We offer back up redundancy on VOICE
and DATA with new WIRELESS technology.

VoIP is proving to be 30-50% LESS Costs with much smaller
investments, even NO Investments, with creative RENTAL
Plans. Imagine the SAVINGS you can acquire immediately, it
can pay for the UPGRADE your company needs today. Latest
and Greatest voice over the internet IP phones.
Bottom line shows ZERO COSTS to make these changes if done properly and
seamlessly by the PROS.
Various Voice solutions with a wide range of telecom products. Mobile devices,
laptops, and I-PADs, are overtaking desktop PC’s with the advent of Virtual
Office Solutions.

Data Managed Solutions and Managed VoIP Solutions
Bill Evans and BCR represent, and work with the top DATA sovereignty, and
security management providers, for critical requirements, demanded by
enterprise clients, and those that are subject to formal compliance regulations.
We offer the top leaders in manage cloud services, with years of experience in
protecting, reporting and auditing SMB, Enterprise, and Legacy customers
We work with CEO’s ,Presidents, Vice Presidents, MIS-IT Directors, CFOs and
VF of Finance, General Managers, Office Business Managers and others.

A Message To Chief Financial Officers or V.P. Finance
Contribute positive results to the customer’s financial needs.
Produce results for the customer’s bottom line.
Your employee leadership must work together in harmony
Need a written plan with a determined goal at the end to achieve real results
Analyze operational DATA and financial information, survey, and
feedback this knowledge throughout the company, then put this
new knowledge to good use.
Need to ACT on this good knowledge, then make decisions to
just DO IT.
Consider timely customer insight to improve your services and customer
Leverage customer feedback to increase bottom-line financial growth,
especially after adding or acquiring more people or other companies
55% of US Companies are choosing mobile communications for VOICE-DATAINTENET Voice2 e-Mail, Fax2 e-Mail, Voice to Text, Text Messaging, e-mails,
conferencing, and more.

Reading the fine print
Have you gotten one of those too good to be true telecom offers lately the ones
that make you really think about switching your services to capture an
unbelievable low rate.
Maybe you received a advertising flyer or a brochure in the mail for a call to
action to get additional information. Let's stop and think of the old adage that
if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Sometimes there are good ෪ls, the
key is to fully understand what you're buying, before you buy it. You need to
make your decisions based on more than just a great low rate offer.

856 343 2400

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