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« I wanted to give a raw vibe to the video, something that felt real. We filmed dancers performing in moving flashlights and added a time stretch effects in post-production.
There is a special sensation that goes with the lyrics of the song. Something about the wormhole, the new galaxies and living your life as a video game.
I wanted this effect to be the visual metaphor of alternative realities: an infinity of versions of yourself coexist in the same space and time », says Clément Oberto.



Clément Oberto is a French director, producer and visual artist working in Los Angeles.
His vision has been internationally recognized through the creation of distinctive universes for everything from haute couture to commercials and music videos.
Since he moved to California he won « Best Music Video Award » at the Las Vegas Film Festival and « Best VFx Award » at the London Fashion Film Festival.
He’s also received a couple of Vimeo Staff Picks and has been featured in TIME and the Los Angeles Times.



Robert Thompson, A.K.A. Lofty305, is a Miami rap artist who broke onto the scene with art-rap crew Metro Zu’s “Mink Rug.”
Lofty305’s repertoire of solo work is inspired by all things love, weed, travel, and metaphysics.






ALDT is an all women’s contemporary dance company (founded by choreographer Marissa Alma Nick) creating an empowered voice for women through the language of movement,
and bringing contemporary dance to the millennial generation. The company was founded in 2014 and premiered their first official public performance for the Miami Design District.
In just two years, the company has performed for the national festival Dance USA and they have been named the “freshest dance troupe in Miami” by The Huffington Post.


Lofty305 meets Clément Oberto in 2013 while traveling through Europe.
Invited through mutual friends to the director’s party in Montmartre, the two artists hit it off and improvised a shoot for « I’ll be your spirit guide Pt.2 ».
Pleased with the outcome, they shot two more music videos in Paris before the French director decamped for Los Angeles.
Soon after, he books a commercial in Miami - a good opportunity to extend his trip and reach out to Lofty for another round: « Playa til I die ».



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