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Choose three technological groups producing electric and heat and calculate the average geometric technological,
taking into consideration the standards compared to competitive standards doubles for the purpose of unification
toward the goal and extract the priority energy technology group
Proposed researcher fined a unified goal hypotheses, for the purpose of finding the maximum efficiency of the
average geometric technology, through which the events of an economic and efficient, performance of the balance
between the three energy technologies produce. Electricity and heats and analytic hierarchy process includes the
following stages:
1 - Identify influential standards in decision-making.
2 - Building a hierarchy of common standards, and goal setting, and the options, available
3 - Priorities totals for electricity and heat production technology which constitute the second level
A 1 - renewable energy
A 2 - ecological building
A 3 - traditional energy
4 - Formation, evaluation matrices double comparisons
5 - basic set priorities with regard to their impact on the overall, objective of, the standards, and make up, the
third-level, standards,
C1 - Benefit society
C2 - Economic development
C3 – Potential energy generation