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Postdoctoral position on Flower development and plant molecular biology: Ref.
Translational Research Group
IPS2-INRA, Paris 11-Orsay campus, FRANCE

A post-doctoral position funded by the ERC Advanced grant program, SEXYPARTH, is
available until filled in the group of Translational Research, in the new established research
institute IPS2 located in Paris 11 campus in Orsay, France (
We are looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral scientist as well as a research assistant to
study the signaling network controlling sexual organs development in plants.
We seek enthusiastic and highly motivated candidates with good and proven skills in plant
molecular biology, in Evo-devo or in genetics. The successful candidate should be able to
work both independently and co-operatively with a team. Applicants should have a good
background in plant molecular genetics, biochemistry and/or cellular biology. The project
focuses on the analysis of the gene network controlling the development of male and female
primordia of unisexual flowers as well as the characterization of new cloned sex
determination regulators.

Candidates should send their CV to Abdel Bendahmane (
IPS2 web site:
Important notice: Please specify in the subject of the email the job position (N°Po. 29-6-017
Related publications:
-Martin A. et al., (2010) Epigenetics Jul 22;5(5).
-Martin A, et al., (2009) NATURE 461:1135-1139
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-Boualem et al., Science 2015350; 6261: 688-691
-Latrasse et al., Epigenetics and Chromatin. 2017 10 :22

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