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YZ4 BUMPER « Anti Chassis Breakage »

Main objective :
The aim of the installation of this New YZ4 Bumper is to
erradicate the phenomenom of chassis breakage, ever seen, after
multiple front crashes. The chassis break where there is less
material (determined by the redline below).

1°) Get the nose of your chassis

2°) Install the drilling tool as below and drill the chassis ( Diam.
3.10 ) with the guide :

3°) Disassemble the drilling tool and clean the surface :
At that level of assembly, we have drill a hole who will back the
« stress zone » where there is more material and by
consequencies, more resistance. ( Redline )

4°) Install a nut on the « Nut Clamp » and Insert the Clamp on the
front tranny as below :

5°) Install the bumper as normal with the 4 screws of the kit and
use a fifth screw ( Button Head M3x10 ) to tighten completely the
bumper as below ( blue arrow ):

6°) If you use the Yokomo optional part Z4-300FS ( Shim ), you
will have to install the little shim provided on the BRC kit under
the bumper. (The thickness is 1mm like the Shim Z4-300FS).
As below :


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