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PiControl Solutions LLC is an OEM that develops and sells software and technology for industrial process
control, PID control loop tuning, system identification (transfer function parameter models), control quality
monitoring (CLPM – control loop performance monitoring), OPC (OLE for process control), LIMS (laboratory
management systems), APC (Advanced Process Control) applications inside DCS or PLC. The software can be
used both in industrial control rooms and also in universities and colleges for semester teaching and also for
process control research.
PiControl Solutions LLC is also a worldwide leader on process control training offering many industrial process
control training courses in classroom, online and onsite formats.
PiControl Solutions LLC also does industrial process control consulting to assist chemical plants and
manufacturing sites in increasing plant and operating profits by maximizing production rates, minimizing
utilities, minimizing waste, speeding up product grade transitions, running the plant smoother, better (with
fewer shutdowns and upsets) and provides the control room operator techniques for improving the plant
PiControl software is based on new, novel, breakthrough algorithms, different and superior to competition –
PiControl software runs entirely in the time domain (no need to use Laplace and discrete domain, no need for
“Z” domain), the software can identify MIMO models (multiple input – multiple output models) and can work
with complete closed-loop data (with PID control loops and APC schemes in Auto or even Cascade modes,
without any step tests). The software works well even amidst noise and unmeasured disturbances and requires
far less data than the current competing ARMAX and Box Jenkins methods. PiControl software is superior to
ARMAX and conventional PID, MPC, APC methodologies.

PiControl Solutions LLC is an industrial process control software plus technology company, focusing on
the design, development and implementation of powerful, novel and low-cost primary control and
advanced control solutions inside the DCS and PLC.
PiControl’s vision is to be the international leader providing quality process control software products at
lowest cost for PID tuning and Primary/Advanced Control implementation and optimization inside the
DCSs and PLCs for all plants worldwide.
PiControl Solutions LLC with its own process control technology and software products is not only an
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) but also has alliances with many other software vendors. With
this approach and the alliances, PiControl is able to offer the best, most appropriate and effective process
control solutions while examining the unique plant/process needs.

PiControl Solutions provides software, technology, leadership and consulting services on Process
Control, PID tuning, APC (advanced process control) and OPC (OLE for Process Control).
PiControl examines plants/processes, conceives and designs a complete plant revamp or retrofit project
to improve plant control, improve process stability, increase control modernization and automation.
PiControl Solutions LLC also develops and provides OPC (OLE for Process Control) software products
for server-to-server communications, online analyzer communications and validation, fast data
monitoring, remote access and a variety of applications.

PiControl Solutions LLC conducts both classroom training classes and online web-based classes. PiControl
offers more than 10 training courses worldwide on the following topics:
Process Control and PID tuning
Advanced Process Control (APC)
Control Quality Monitoring
Online Oscillation Detection and Adaptive Control
OPC (OLE for Process Control) – Theory and Applications
Chemical engineering core topics – Thermodynamics, Kinetics,
Stoichiometry, Material and Heat Balance

PiControl Solutions LLC is constantly developing new products and new technology. PiControl products are
unique in many ways from the competition in being super-fast, compact with a very user-friendly interface. Out
of the many software technological advancements generated by PiControl, the following three are a true
PiControl invented the revolutionary “True Amplitude Detection” (TAD) algorithm which is the brain
behind the Tadpole and Apromon products for reliably detecting signal oscillations irrespective of
frequency distribution and disturbances (drift and noise).
PiControl also invented the Pitops-TFI algorithm that identifies multivariable transfer function
parameters using short duration closed-loop data.
PiControl conceived and implemented a revolutionary technique, 3-G technology, that isolates noise,
drifts and disturbances from process data and integrated it into Pitops-TFI to enhance dynamics
identification. This invention allows the precise identification of multivariable transfer functions even
with very short-duration closed-loop data.

Our software products, technology and ideas can work with any DCS (distributed control system) or PLC
(programmable logic controller) manufactured in any country, including Honeywell (TDC3000, Experion),
Foxboro/Invensys, Yokogawa, Emerson/Fisher DeltaV, Siemens/Modicon, Allen Bradley, Unitronics,
Rockwood, ABB, Bailey, etc. Our software can also seamlessly connect to Aspen Tech, Matrikon, Kepware,
Vista-Control, OSI, and other common products. Connectivity is provided via both OPC and Excel.

We provide Software and Consulting Services for: PID Tuning, Advanced Control & Optimization Projects,
OPC Communications, Training Software Products and Training Courses.
Please contact us to get free trial software.
Advanced Process Control, PID Tuning Methods, Online Optimization, Control Quality Monitoring and
Process Control/APC Training for Operators, Technicians and Engineers

PID Tuning Software for PID Control Loop Tuning, PID Tuning Simulator/Optimizer, Dynamics Identification
(Transfer Function identification), Advanced Process Control (APC), Model-Based Control, Feedforward,
Cascade Control, DCS functions

PID Control Quality Monitoring Software, PID Control Performance Monitor, Control Loop Performance
Monitor (CLP/CLPM)

Online Oscillation Detection and Adaptive Control

PiControl Solutions LLC
5100 Westheimer Road, Suite 299, Houston TX 77056, USA, Tel: (832)495-6436

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