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Your reliable Switch, Socket, Connector Partner in China
We specialize in the manufacturing of Electronics Components, such as AC
Power Socket, Relay Socket, Rocker Switch, Push Button Switch, Power
Cord and so on. We’ll help bring our rich experience into your design,
development, manufacturing and sales to your projects and products.

Yueqing LANZ Electronics Co.,Ltd is specializing in Developing、manufacturing
and Selling Electronics Switches、 Sockets and Cable Assemblies. The products is
according to UL、 CCC、CQC、TUV、KC、CE、ROHS、ISO9001、ISO14001
compliant. Such as AC Power Sockets、Relay Socket、 Rocket Switches、Push
Button、Power cord、Plastic Parts and Stamping.Which are widely used in Electric
Appliance、Network、Communication、Office Automation、Instrumentation and
so on
Harness assembly of the three materials, Wire, Housing, Terminal use UL, CSA,
CCC, VDE, CQC product certification, or according to customer requirements by
AMP, Molex, JST, JAM, and other world famous brands.
Company owns modern production lines and high-tech quality controlling system.
With scientific administration, professional engineer, highly trained technicians
and skilled workers, most of our products are enjoying exporting well to over the

world or Middle East, South-America, North-America, Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.,
and we also get the satisfactory and good reputation from our clients at home and

Quick Access
AC Power Socket
Relay Socket
Rocker Switch
Push Button Switch
Power Cord

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Contact Us


: +86 577 62373133


: +86 577 62357575

Email : sales@lanzmfg.com

: www.lanzmfg.com

Addr No.1318-1, Xingfu East Road, Hongqiao Yueqing Zhejiang China, 325608.

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