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● Smartwatches
● Smart bands
● Tracking bracelets
● Smart speakers
● Smart drones
● Smart battery charger
● Smart padlocks
● USB flash drives
● External batteries
● Virtual reality headsets




One advertising wireless speaker +
power bank + one a torch + one radio
FM + one hands free kit
From €15.23

The perfect combination between a
personalised bottle of water and a
speaker to practise your favourite
sport. Capacity of the bottle 400 ml.
Bluetooth distance 10m.
From € 36.52

This cheerful and colourful advertising
box might be your partner for your next
business trips. It allows you not only to
control what you want to listen to from
your phone, but it also allows you to
charge your devises on the same time.
From €19.48

Customisable micro HI-FI system,
including FM/AM/CD, easy-to-see
large display, digital clock, fullfunction remote control, snooze, sleep
timer, dual speaker and phone jack.
From € 50.40

Computer’s accessories



Bluetooth technology, ergonomic
design convenient and comfortable to
use. IT works with 2 batteries LR03
(Not Provided). Compatible with PC
and Mac.
From € 10.68

This advertising keyboard will be an
excellent support of high tech. Your
communication will be enhanced.
Bluetooth distance 10m.
From € 30.49


This 54-card classic game is a small
promotional gift that will remain
useful throughout the year. Whether at
home or on holidays, this 54-card
game promises light up nights with
friends and/or family.
From € 0. 90

Record your message or edit sound
directly on the card or by sending a
MP3 file. Open the card and your
voice message will be played. The
message cannot be deleted after
validation. Card 100% personalised.
From € 5.99

Audio accessories

Light and very well finished headset,
wide choice of colours. Clear and
precise sound. Excellent design
conception for a better noise isolation.
Pliable and easy transportable. 60 cm
cable cord 3.5mm. Weight 1.34 oz.
From € 5.62

Earphones high-end finish, cable antitangle, pedestrian kit, excellent
listening comfort.
Maximum permissible power: 10mW
Sensitivity: 85 +/- 15%
Cable cord of 60cm, jack 3.5mm
From € 6.96



Bluetooth headset with cable to
recharge. Operating range of 10m
Battery’s autonomy 5 hours
(100 hours standby).

Personalised Bluetooth headset
2.1 ABS pliable
Autonomy 10 hours, Li-ion battery and
USB cable.

From € 10.74

From € 30.20

External Batteries



Easy to slip into a pocket or a bag, this
emergency backup battery.
Accompanied by its keychain is a hightech goody personalised and original to
offer to your most loyal customers.
From € 4.68

Featuring a rounded shape, this
2200mAh aluminium backup battery is
a business gift that will mark the minds
of your customers.

Powerbank customisable Li-ion
advertising with integrated LED torch
lamp. Input supply: 5V / 1.5A. Output
power supply 5V / 2.1A. High
amperage value for faster charging.
USB cable / micro-USB included.
From € 8.28

This customisable charger is the
indispensable business gift for all the
hooks to new technologies. This ad
battery leaves the possibility of
recharging all mobile devices and is
perfectly suitable for tablets as well.
From € 11.40

From € 5.88


Miniature HD sports camera waterproof
thanks to its protective case. Watch
videos in real time or record thanks to its
screen 1.77. Video: 1.3 Mega Pixels, HD
Resolution: 720p, Auto White Balance,
Digital Optical. Zoom: 4x
From € 46. 80

This ad HD sports camera is the
accessory for filming all the sports
achievements of your customers. This
HD sports camera offers a high quality
720p resolution and allows to see directly
its recordings on the 1.5 "TFT screen.
From € 48.00

This personalised miniature HD sports
camera is a trendy and high-tech article
specially for those who love filming their
sport achievements. This camera has a
wide-angle lens, a 1.3 mega pixels CMOS
image sensor, field of view 80 degrees.
From € 55.20

Digital camera specialised in sports. 720
Pixels. Zoom 4x, lens 120 degrees,
sensitive screen, 2 waterproof box max
10m. Support with suction cup included.
Micro USB card (up to 32 GB) not
included. USB cable included.
From € 62.28

Virtual reality headsets

This pair of customised cardboard
advertising glasses allows you to
experience virtual reality at a low price.
These customisable glasses are the
original goodies to communicate with
your customers.
From € 2.52

Personalised virtual reality glasses allow
you to see in the future. This headset
allows you to watch videos in 3D with a
mobile phone equipped with a screen of
15 cm maximum.
From € 8.28

These advertising glasses will allow
you to appreciate the virtual reality. A
high-tech business gift for your
communication, made of plastic.
From € 3.65

Virtual reality goggles 20 x 10.7 x 13
cm - 500g. Compatible with most
smartphones (Android, IOS).
Utilization: for games, 360° panoramic
video, films 3D. Compatible with virtual
reality apps.
From € 19.34


This USB stick is a low-cost
promotional gift idea that will delight
its user. Composed of a clear plastic
body of colour as well as a rotating
metal cover, this customisable USB
drive allows to store all types of data.
From € 3.84

With its 1.6mm thick, it slips easily into
all wallets. This USB flash drive can be
open and its connector can be detached
with a simple press. Three forms of
USB drives are available for this model:
credit card, ticket or token.
From € 6.35

This new USB flash drive seduce by its
new and practical appearance (without
lid). Its simple and robust design
ensures its low price and longevity.
From € 19.34


The mini USB flash drives are cute and
little characters with memory up to
From € 6.47




Luminous keyring with a silver body
and a translucent button. Works with 1
battery (included).

An ABS ballpoint pen in form of flash
drive with a LED lamp. Each product
has an individual box. Works with
batteries (provided). Standard mine.

From € 0.42

Set of 2 lamps LED technology for
bike. White and red light, either fixed
or flashing at the touch of a button.
Universal fastening system by elastic
adaptable all over the bike (frame,
From € 2.76

From € 1.02

Illuminate the room, garage, or the tent of
your customers thanks to this LED lamp, 1
watt low consumption. It operates with
batteries (supplied). A personalized outdoor
gift that will convey a bright image of your
From € 3.48

A torch that works either with solar
energy on one side or with its dynamo
handle on the other side. PVC lamp
with 3 LEDs and a strap. Warranty 1
year. Delivered in an individual box.
From € 3.60

This backup battery equipped with an
LED lamp is an original ad gift that will
accompany your customers all the time.
Easy to slip in a bag, this charger backup
personalised in acid colours will quickly
become indispensable for its user.
From € 10.32

Lot of 100 customised rolling feet 3M
AVISEN and 100 keychains BENNY
lamp. This 3-meter advertising meter
has a belt clip and a wrist strap to wear
on the wrist. Graduations in meters and
From € 3.95

Bluetooth 3.0 speaker with LED light.
Can replace an electric screw bulb.
Including a remote control.
Output data: LED 5W-speaker 10W

From € 48.13

Smart bands

USB / micro-USB silicone cable bracelet
customisable your logo to connect or
charge your mobile devices.
Customisation in engraving on the metal
part. An unusual and modern design
object. Not compatible with Apple.
From € 1.92

Sober and elegant, this customisable
activity bracelet will be the perfect
companion for all your sports activities.
This ad bracelet records your activity
day and night (distances, calories, sleep)
The perfect sporty and trendy gift.
From € 17.88

Activity tracker with touch screen.
Follow your activity and receive your
notifications from the touch screen of
your Zefit2. It displays the time, number
of steps, distance, calories burned and
records the quality of your sleep.
From € 53.86

Smart bracelet allows you to track your
activity easily with your smartphone. This
bracelet display the time, date, distance,
activity’s duration and the calories burnt
according to your objectives, heart rate,
sleep quality analysis, and vibration alarm.
From € 58.80


Simply place your mobile on the anti-slip
surface to charge it. Input supply: 5V DC
1000 mAh and output 5V DC 1500 mAh
ensuring a stable and fast charge. This
high-tech advertising product will mark
the minds of your customers.
From € 9.48

Are you looking for a way to charge your
iPhone without any constraint? This
magnetic load cable will change your life.
Gold, Silver or Black colours.
Compatible with: iPhone, iPad and iPod it
also has a port lightning and Android.
From € 58.80

EP GN 930

WCH 10

A charger that allows you to charge your
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge just by placing
it on the latter. In addition to this, it also
incorporates the stand function as well as
the Fast Load Charge technology.
From € 49.88

This is an induction charging platform for
Sony devices. You simply place your
phone in its charging wireless case, and it
starts charging immediately.

From € 63.46


Drone equipped with a HD 2.0 MP videos
and photos camera. 3 flight speeds,
rotation 360°, equipped with a 6-axis
gyroscope for better stabilisation and an
intuitive mode that allows to fly the drone
without worrying about the front.
From € 70.80

The light weight of the ARCHOS
allows it to move easily and very
quickly. For the acrobats o, some prerecorded figures will allow you to
perform especially features such as 360º
From € 74.90


You move away and your computer locks
automatically. You come over and the
unlocking is automatic. Gablys Lockit
monitors your data and is able to notify
you of any attempted intrusion by sending
you the photo of the intruder.
From € 39.48

Noke is the first padlock connected
without a key or code. You just need the
Bluetooth to use it. Easy to use, you just
need to connect the Noke to your
Smartphone via the Bluetooth.
From € 89.80

Smart speaker



Mini-speaker in PVC equipped with the
Bluetooth® technology also allowing to
take pictures from your Smartphone and
to answer the calls. Delivered with its
cable connector and its individual box.
From € 8.28

Noke is the first padlock connected
without a key or code. You just need
the Bluetooth to use it. Easy to use, you
just need to connect the Noke to your
Smartphone via the Bluetooth.
From € 9.48



Connected loudspeaker with Bluetooth
3.0 technology, a MicroSD card slot, a
USB charging cable and a 3.5mm jack
for mobile phones and MP3 players.

This portable ad speaker allows you to
listen to music anywhere. Lightweight
and easy to carry, this customisable
speaker features a rechargeable battery
(battery life of 4 hours).
From € 11.88

From € 10.68

Customisable Bluetooth waterproof
Speaker that allows listening to the
radio and answering phone calls in the
shower. SD card slot, power 5W. PC
compatible and mobile devices.
From € 11.88

Innovative, this ad speaker is a design
and atypical gift due to its lower part
like a Roly-poly toy. Effective to make
the difference in the minds of your
From € 20.60

This ad Bluetooth speaker equipped with
an ambient lamp is the ideal high-tech
gift to animate an evening with friends or
family. With a power of 3W, this speaker
counts with a LED multicolour lamp
with 7 colourful atmospheres).
From € 19.80

This Bluetooth speaker is equipped with
an FM radio, an integrated mirco. It also
allows you to answer hands-free calls.
From € 21.48

Smart watches

Customisable LED watch with silicone
strap. Central button to show the time
and date. Delivered in a box gift. Works
with one battery (included). Warranty 1
year. A beautiful gift to offer to your
employees or customers.
From € 4.68

Customisable LED watch on the back of
the dial with silicone strap. Central button
to show the time and date. Silicone
bracelet has 9 holes which allows to adapt
it to all the wrists easily. Works with one
battery (included). Warranty 1 year.
From € 5.40

This Bluetooth watch is a trendy and
high-tech accessory that will allow you
to follow your daily physical activities.
This watch informs you of your steps,
miles travelled per day, calories burnt
and the quality of your sleep.
From € 19.08

This watch allows you to manage your
calls, synchronise your contacts, follow
your daily activities (pedometer, calories
burnt, quality of sleep) and listen to your
music wherever you are. Also alarm, antiloss, calculator, chronometer and calendar.
From € 22.68

This Bluetooth multifunction watch
makes it possible to receive calls,
synchronise your contacts, it has a
pedometer, anti-loss system, altimeter.
Compatible with IOS and Android.
From € 23.88

Ad Watch can make and receive calls
thanks to its integrated SIM card reader.
Watch Bluetooth’s connection, camera
function integrated, pedometer
altimeter, calories counter among
From € 26.28

Watch SIM card slot integrated,
compatible with IOS and Android.
synchronise your contacts, music. With
functions such as: pedometer, anti-loss
system, quality of sleep, chronometer
and calendar.
From € 27.48

ZeCircle is a MYKronoz watch with a
touch screen that displays the number of
steps, distance, calories burnt and
records the quality of your sleep. With a
simple touch of the screen, users can
view their results in real time.
From € 58.88


Smart trackers


Item Dimension: 52x31x11
Marking area mm: diameter 14
The ally for the forgetful ones thanks to
its Bluetooth, this tracker helps to
locate the keys, wallets or other objects
through its Smartphone.
From € 4.15

This smart keyring lets you find all your
items. Make the key ring through your
smartphone thanks to the app and find
your stuff instantly.



This smart personalised key ring is a
partner of valuable help. Small and
practical, it will allow you to find your
objects, simply by making it ring from
your Smartphone.
From € 9.84

This smart personalised key ring will not
allow you to lose your objects, keys,
pets, etc. By using the geolocation of
your smartphone / tablet in Bluetooth.

From € 6.60

From € 16.21



Gablys is a smart devise with an oval
shape its goal is to be attached to
different objects. The aim is to prevent
the losses.

Lapa is a smart key ring that allows you
to find your lost items. Attach it to your
personal belongings and receive an alert
when you move away.

From € 17.00

From € 17.99



Tintag is a rechargeable smart devise to
help you find your lost items that can be
easily lost such as: keys, bags, pets
among others.

This custom tag searches, locates and
allows to find any object on which it is
fixed thanks to your smartphone.
Bluetooth up to 10m.

From € 29.99

From € 40.36




Pedometer Easy run: LCD with distance
display, distance in miles, duration of
the start in minutes, calories burnt,
button on / off, laminated, fixing clip
face a rear.
From € 0.92

Pedometer in ABS. Display of steps,
distance (mi./km.) And calories counter.
1 battery included.
Product Dimension (s): 4x4x2. 1cm



Display of steps, distance (mi./km.) And
calorie counter. 1 battery included.
Product Dimension (s): 4,4x6x2,8cm

Display of steps, distance (mi./km.) And
calorie counter. 1 battery included.
Product Dimension (s): 2.5x5.5x5.4cm

From € 3.08

From € 3.24

From € 2.24

Weather stations



Customisable desk clock in ABS with
date function, temperature and alarm.
Includes 5 magnetic clip base and can
be used as a card holder.
Batteries included.
From € 3.78

Weather station customisable with LCD
screen, to know temperature (Cº / Fº),
humidity, lunar phase, maximum and / or
minimum temperatures, humidity record,
with calendar and alarm clock functions.
From € 7.15

Weather station and customisable pencil
pot. Display time, date, temperature.
Alarm function. Two batteries included.
From € 8.94

Weather station 3D with multi-colour
display. Functions: alarm clock with
calendar display, thermometer and
hygrometer, meteorological prediction
with 3D symbol. Adapter supplied or 3
AAA batteries not included.
From € 19.68



This Bluetooth remote control is a must
for publicity and group photos. Remote
shutter. Made of plastic, including a
small holder for telephone to keep your
phone in place at the right angle.
Compatible with IOS and android.
From € 10.50

This Bluetooth remote control is ideal
for selfie and group photos. In ABS,
compatible with IOS and Android.
Batteries included.
From € 4.90


These gloves are a real gem of technology
because you can receive your calls just by
making the gesture with the hand through
its Bluetooth connection. Microphone and
built-in speaker. Two buttons allow you to
accept or reject a call.
From € 27.84

A high quality knitted hat with integrated
Bluetooth headsets, easy listening to
music from your smartphone or tablet.
Combine it with your smartphone via
Bluetooth and enjoy your music
From € 28.24

Price information
► The prices displayed on the whole site are expressed in euros
excluding taxes. Shipping costs are not included, and will vary
depending on the quantity of items ordered.
► The fixed costs correspond:
● At the resumption of your marking by our graphic designers.
● At the expense of creating films (s)
● Unpacking / packing costs
● To the setting and programming of the machines used to
customise the objects
► We usually offer a marking in 1 or 2 colours (sometimes
more when indicated in the article sheet).
► As a general rule and except for the textile, a marking in 2
colours amounts to 2x the fees of imposition, a marking in 3
colours returns to 3x the costs of printing.
► It is possible to change the colour of marking on certain
colours of the same article order for a fixed fee of change of
colour. If you order 500 blue and 500 white objects, it is
possible to make a white marking on the blue object and a black
marking on the white object for an additional fee.

Why trust us?
A customer service to your listening
We are at your disposal to help you during your purchases. You can contact
us via our chat. Our team is constantly listening.

The best value for money
Declining prices according to the number of units ordered and the best prices
of the objects connected to the market.

Who are we?
We are a team of enthusiasts of the latest technologies
We strive to find start-ups and companies with products that
make your life better, and that continually innovate in their fields.
Specialists in corporate gifts, with a catalogue expanding every
week, we are sure to find what you are looking for!
For any need of informations please please write to or by phone: +

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