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24 years old
Dubai, UAE
 : +971 52 893 6667|
Sarah Nassar is a Statistics’ graduate, with a flair for analytics and data processing. She has worked between
Morocco and Saudi Arabia and is hoping to further her career in Dubai while building on her existing skills, and
acquiring new ones. Being tri-lingual, Sarah is able to work in any multi-cultural organization and adapt
accordingly due to her excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Event organization and management
Planning and coordinating with stakeholders
Ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended with superiors, colleagues and staff
Data analysis
Microsoft package
Proficiency in Excel with ability to create multi-functional reports


JCDecaux, Jeddah, KSA

Mar 16 – Aug 16

Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

Managing the MD’s calendar including appointments with senior stakeholders in Saudi Arabia
Office management and being the main point of contact for the company
Organizing events for all teams in the company including workshops and breakfast meetings
Enrollment of new employees and ensuring they have the access they need for a smooth start
Visa arrangements for employees and their families
Being the point of contact between the HR and PR teams

BLISS Event Agency, Marrakesh, Morocco

Jan 11 – Jun 14

Sales Assistant and Guest Relations Manager

Working on a contract basis with an Events agency with the opportunity to work for different clients
Working as a Sales Executive with Prestigia (Real Estate Agency)
Meeting clients to understand their requirements and present the appropriate product to meet their needs
Archiving all sales KPIs and reporting on results on a weekly basis to the Sales Manager
Event organizer at the WTCC racing event in Marrakesh
Event organizer at Marrakesh du Rire which included liaising with VIP and celebrities and ensuring they
have memorable stay in Morocco

EL RAZI Hospital, Rabat, Morocco

Feb 14 – Jul 14

Graduation Project (Statistics Analysis)
 Analysis of patients’ data to provide multiple reports to the management
 Following the behavior of patients and report back on findings
 Presenting the final findings to the university to achieve the final Bachelor Degree
Bachelor in Health Statistics , ISPITS, Rabat, Morocco

11 – 14

Tourism Management, ISIT, Tangier, Morocco

10 – 11

International Baccalaureate Degree in Mathematics, Meknes, Morocco

09 – 10

Arabic/ English/ French- Fluent in all 3 languages

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