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President's word:
Becoming president of an association such as the BDE
was a most rewarding experience that I had the chance to
live in my schooling! It is a true human adventure where
we surround ourselves with a great team that gives the
best of itself in order to organize the life on and off campus
through many events. We all got a lot involved in our
diverse roles.
This challenge constitutes a complete professional
experience for the organization of major events such as
the Gala, the integration weekend, the evening of
graduations... It is to find the places, the providers,
organize the Communication, logistics, sale of places,

The organisation facilities are
located behind the "foyer". Do not
hesitate to go there and say hi !

security, organizing volunteers ... All our skills are put to
the test to finally have the satisfaction of the realization of
our events and to see delighted students who are able to
create a bond.
But a BDE is not only that, we are also there to make sure
that all the other associations turn out well and organize
their events taking into account the others. We are
fortunate to have a dynamic school with passionate
students who all want to introduce their world to students
MBS – Direction de la communication ©2016 – Photos : Gilles Lefrancq / Iris Live – Conception graphique :

such as sport, music, extreme activities, arts, wine,
professional life, water sports, Ecology, photography and
much more.
And this year we wanted to go even further, we negotiated
attractive rates for our students in bars, clothing shops,
restaurants, hairdressers and beauty institutes, cinemas,
lasers games ... We wanted to accompany Students in

Being a member of an association is a
considerable benefit to your personal and
professional life. Through an
entrepreneurial organization, this will
enable you to work collectively on
concrete events, and also to integrate
you perfectly within the school and all its
WEI (Integration Week-end):
The Integration Week-end is an
unforgettable and unavoidable
experience in the beginning of a student
year. Perfect event to meet lots of people
from the school and spend a memorable
week-end through parties, activities and
especially in a very good atmosphere.

their everyday life in addition to their school life, by making
them discover the pearls of Montpellier.
I would say that being at the service of its comrades and
doing everything to satisfy them has not been easy, but the
BDE ‘The Lions’ has been able to act as a true pack of
solidarity and open to all the fauves of the school and I
hope that students have spent a year as roaring and wild
as we have, because if that is the case they are not ready

LYDIA: Platform very used within MBS, it
allows the payment on line. Its use is
simple and allows to pay for the WEI, the
BDE and / or BDS fees, the evenings
organized during the year but also to pay
for the dishes in the cafeteria. For this to
be feasible, simply download the
application on your phone.

to forget it.

Président du BDE
Montpellier Business School

The association's website, recently set up, will
summarize the entire activity of the school and
the associations in detail.
- Link of the site:



Getting involved, be fulfilled and apply your education :

organizations give you a lot of opportunities. That is the
opportunity for you to meet new people and get
involved in your school and share your passion.

BDS (Sports Office): Responsible for ensuring the
sporting life of the school. It is in charge of the
management of the training sessions, the sports
equipment and also the annual meetings. (LR Beach
Cup, Championships, French Cup of Esc ...)
ADRENALINE: Thirsty for thrills, this will allow you to
make the leap during their extreme events offered at
attractive prices. (Semineige, laser game, bungee
jumping, giant trampoline ...)
SUP D'EOLE: Its aim is to bring together students
who love the sea by making them discover and
enjoy its nautical activities. (Boat license, sailing,
kayak ...)

IRIS LIVE: Aims at immortalizing the highlights of the
school by covering the events and the activity of the
school. (Film of the admissibles, WEI film, special teaser,
photos ...)
LARSEN: Brings together all the musical talents of the
school and organizes all the in and out of school musical
events of the year. (World Mix, Concerts, dj, instruments,
home radio ...)
BDA (Arts Office): Its mission is to promote expression,
art and creativity in the school by proposing many
activities of all kinds. (Theater, cinema, fashion, writing
OENOPHORIA: This is the oldest association of the
school. Ideal for wine lovers, perfect when you want to
be interested and discover the wine culture. (Oenology
courses, tastings, sharing events with students, special
sales ...)

BDE (student office):
Responsible for the overall associative
life of the school and ensures the
cohesion of the associations. Its
mission is to prepare and organize
events in and out of school. (Evenings,
activities, WEI, Gala of end of the year

WORLD CONNECTION: Responsible for the
successful integration of foreign students among
French students with special days and various
events. (City tour, family Christmas, International
Day ...)
SUP DE CŒUR: An ideal humanitarian and
charitable association to defend important causes
and to make good actions through concrete projects.
(Blood donation, money collection ...)
GAIA: Wonders about the challenges of sustainable
development. It educates the students on the good
environmental behaviours to adopt in their daily life.
(Organic basket sales, Global Responsibility Week,
beach cleaning, hiking ...)

JOB'SERV: Plays the coordinator between students
and companies and then helps you in your
professional steps. (Proposal of student job,
organization of speed dating with companies, offer
of internship ...).

Apart from the associations listed, MBS
created a real organization incubator
that allows students to work on their
associative projects before achieving
them under law n°1901.

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