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Founded in 1963, Industrial Bearings Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company
and a leading supplier of precision bearings and bearing related products across a
large spectrum of customers - primarily OEMs and major distributors. Industrial
Bearings Solutions supply a wide range of industries such as aerospace, medical, food
processing, green energy, robotics, high tech, industrial products and many more.
The company also maintains an extensive inventory of superior quality bushings, rod
ends, roller and linear bearings, custom cost efficient sub-assembly products, and
much more. Industrial Bearings Solutions utilizes two warehouses to ensure
availability and “just-in-time” delivery to customers across the US and internationally.
The Industrial Bearings Solutions is one of the top-rated and most-visited website in
the bearing industry. Content and services we offer on our website continue to
rapidly evolve, and we are committed to providing you with full access to Sales
products and services through the Internet.
As shown in our product line, we supply:
Ball bearings:
Ball Bearings are very versatile, they can be designed to accommodate radial loads,
axial loads and combined radial/axial loads in a wide range of operating speeds.
Cylindrical roller bearings:
These bearings are made with a single row, two rows, or multi-rows of rolling
elements to meet an applications radial load requirement.
Spherical Plain Bearings
Spherical plain bearings are used for applications requiring rotation and oscillation.
The rotation takes place on a sliding surface so the limiting speed is slow. Many styles
require regular lubrication, but maintenance free styles are also available.
Spherical roller bearings:
Industrial Bearings Solutions supply quality spherical roller bearings up to 1320 mm
Tapered roller bearings in both radial and Thrust configurations:
Tapered roller bearings are used in a variety of industrial applications. The tapered
rollers allow the bearings to accommodate heavy radial, axial and combination loads.
Thrust bearings are designed to accommodate axial load in one or both directions.
The single acting carries the load in one direction while the double acting can carry
load in both directions.
Rod ends:
Rod ends consist of a spherical ball mounted in a housing, typically with male or
female threads. They allow for oscillation/misalignment during slow rotation. Some
rod end types require lubrication, and other types are maintenance free.
Pillow Blocks, Flanges, Take Up Units and Bearing Inserts:
Pillow block bearings, flange bearings and take up bearings consist of a housing with
a bearing mounted in it. They are available in a wide variety of materials, mounting
configurations and various bearing features.
Linear Bushing Bearings and Linear Way Products:
Linear bushing bearings and linear way bearings incorporate several rows of

recirculating balls or rollers for low friction, precise linear motion. Linear bushing
bearings use a round shaft and linear way bearings have a rectangular shaped track.
Industrial Bearings Solutions is much more than just a supplier of world renowned
brands and world-class professional services for bearings and related
products. Industrial Bearings Solutions is committed to providing "Value Beyond the
Part™" to all of its customers. This commitment of providing extraordinary value also
extends to supplying Industrial Bearings Solutions branded products - an
extraordinary combination of quality, pricing, and availability.Our company will
efficiently apply our resources and will involve and train all our people for the
purpose of continually improving the quality of our products, processes, and services.
We will continually monitor our processes and success by the satisfaction of our
While Industrial Bearings Solutions has literally thousands of products in stock and
ready to ship upon notice, our services are what really set us apart from most other
bearing suppliers.
Industrial Bearings Solutions is proud to support our quality products with quality
services before and after the sale.
We have Regional Sales Managers that will work with you to identify opportunities,
review requirements, provide training and assist with forecasting and commercial
concerns. Our Industry Service Specialists will take it to the next level by providing
field services such as;bearing inspections,hands on training and assistance with
repair and/or factory
We can provide complete application review by combining the efforts of your
operations and maintenance personnel with our design and application engineers.
Our Industry Service Specialist’s comprehensive review of the bearings to be
inspected or removed from service to determine where you will best benefit from
making improvements.
This total approach of application, equipment, products and maintenance will lead to
Industrial Bearings Solutions’s goal of helping you establish the best practices for
your specific situation resulting in the best value and return on bearing and
maintenance expense through improved performance and reduced downtime.
We expect going forward that we will continue to adapt our company in order to
meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We also hope you are included in
our list of satisfied customers going forward.
We have a full staff here ready to help you with your orders and questions. I’m
always here to help and do not hesitate to ask for me directly with any issue.
Expect nice cooperation with you in the near future...

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