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Artificial Flowers - Silk Flowers - Over 2590 to select from.
Flowerama offers you Sydney’s largest display of beautiful, high quality, life like Artificial Flowers, Silk
Flowers, Wedding Flowers & Fake Flowers. With over 2590 Artificial Flower, Silk Flower, Wedding
Flower & Fake Flower varieties and colours to select from, including our new beautiful, high quality,
Artificial Flower & Silk Flower Water Stem range and Australian Native Artificial Flowers. Flowerama’s
Artificial Flower and Silk Flower Water Stems are ideal for arranging in with your fresh flowers or simply
on their own – just add water.
Commonly known as ‘silk flowers’ when they were traditionally made from silk. Artificial Flowers are
now made of a variety of different materials including silk and ‘real touch’. Artificial Flowers, Silk
Flowers, Wedding Flowers & Fake Flowers are so life-like, they offer a great alternative to fresh flowers.
Artificial flowers, Silk Flowers, Wedding Flowers & Fake Flowers are easy care, require no watering and
last a lifetime!
Artificial Flowers, Silk Flowers, Wedding Flowers & Fake Flowers are ideal as a Gift, for your Home Décor,
Office, Corporate Events or your own beautiful, custom designed, Artificial Flower, Silk Flower, Fake
Flower & Wedding Flower Bridal Bouquet. Flowerama’s Artificial Flower, Silk Flower, Wedding Flower &
Fake Flower warehouse is located in Castle Hill, Sydney.
Click on an image below to view our beautiful Artificial Flower, Silk Flower, Wedding Flower & Fake
Flower range.

Flowerama prides itself on providing Sydney’s largest selection and range of Artificial Flowers - Silk
Flowers, Artificial Trees & Shrubs & Artificial Plants from High Quality Artificial Real Touch varieties to
Artificial Budget range products.
At Flowerama, we are committed to providing superior customer service and satisfaction. We strive to
provide exceptional quality products and service all areas across Australia.
Flowerama specialises in custom designed Artificial Flower Arrangements and Artificial Bridal Bouquets
offering you a complete service.
Our qualified Floral Designers and Wedding Co-Ordinators will assist you every step of the way, by
helping with product selection and working with you to create your own unique arrangement or
bouquet, inspiring your creative side!

About Flowerama
Flowerama offers the largest display and most beautiful collections of realistic flowers, trees and plants.
As a leading provider of high quality, Artificial Flower Bridal Bouquets and Floral Arrangements – we
specialise in artificial flowers of all varieties. Flowerama also offers Sydney's largest display of quality
ribbons including Satin, Organza, Grosgrain, Metallic & Special Occasion Ribbons.
Our experienced and dedicated team are ready to assist with corporate artificial flower packages and
arrangement services.

Contact us or call on (02) 9680 2320
http://www.flowerama.net.au | rachel@flowerama.net.au

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