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Season 2016-2017


Golden Grass

Açaï Création Naturelle
Karine & Jorge Dos Santos
tél. : +33 (0) 675 647 018


a Story, an identity...

Açaï’s story begins with the encounter between two people,
and with travels between two lands.

The capim dourado (syngonanthus nitens) is a world unique
grass with a white flower on top of a long stem, which is naturally
colored with a golden metallic pigment.

This plant comes from a reserve of natural wonders in the
State of Tocantins (quite new state of Center-North Brasil, which
main city is actually Palmas) where the plant grows once a year
between january and september.

Harvesting period, when plant stems grows mature and
take their golden tint, only takes place between September and
November, under a strictly regulated control.

Since twenty years, handicraft around golden grass became
an important resource in local economy. Environment and Identities
are there respected.

Jorge et Karine, for their common love for Golden Grass &
Brasil, work hand in hand with a workshop of Jalapão villages in
order to support transmission of ancestral art of weaving this plant.

Sensitive with respect of fair trade, Jorge et Karine highlight
this wonderful product in the whole world, so that these craftmen
can carry on shaping this material & so that lovers of naturally
elegant items can enjoy this local wealth.

Capim dourado, wild and natural capital, is a durable,
environmentally friendly, delicate, and fortunately protected

Ethnic Chic


by Açaï


Created by nature,

wrought by men.



by Açaï

Açaï created by Nature
Karine & Jorge Dos Santos
tél. : +33 (0) 675 647 018
All rights reserved

© copyright Photographies Agence La Cie. Digitale
Art Direction : Julien Rancoule
Model : Anastasia Vasina
Make-up artist : Delphine Moll
Photograph assistant : Gersande Bignon
Post-process : Flavie Moulin

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