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Little things that help me when I have a bad day :)

 Getting out of bed
 Drinking a warm cup of coffee/tea...
 Listening to Bad Day by Daniel Powter
 Dancing
 Cleaning and tidying up my room/closet/computer
files/pics in my phone...
 Going for a walk
 Writing down lists/sorting out my week/month
 Drawing/Painting/Collage/Journaling
 Disconnect myself from social media!!
 Doing something productive in general, even a very
small thing like combing my hair and getting dressed
 Trying out yoga, and failing :)
 Baking something, and failing :)
 Playing Animal Crossing
 Making my bed

And it probably goes on and on and on... But most importantly, it's okay to feel not okay. :)
The top things that help me get through those times actually consist in doing small productive 'tasks' and
enjoying little things. xx

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