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Mobile: +33633880214/0739672509

Blåvik Ljusnaberget 1
590 14 Boxholm, Sweden



October 2010 - October 2013
PhD in Enzyme and bacterial engineering
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) at CNRS (Biosystems and Process Engineering
Laboratory (LISBP, INSA)) and INRA (Neurogastroenterology and Nutrition), Toulouse (France).
“Consequences of a chronic stress on intestinal mucus barrier: effect of the probiotic strain
Lactobacillus farciminis”. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1948.9529
Brief synopsis of research
This study aimed at evaluating if a chronic stress modified the number of goblet cells, Muc2
expression and O-glycosylation and if a LF treatment prevented these alterations. We demonstrated
that chronic stress induced functional changes in rats, as well as a shift in mucin O-glycosylation
without changes in mucin expression. This resulting in a loss of mucus layer cohesive properties,
corrected by the LF probiotic.
Methods. IBS Animal models, histology, Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy (Fluorescence, AFM, SEM
and TEM), FISH, qPCR, intestinal paracellular permeability, and visceral sensitivity
During my PhD, I have also presented this research in International Congress via oral talks
or posters presentations and taken course about “Microcaracterisation techniques on microscopy”
organized by the Club MEB of Toulouse (France, 2-5 April 2012) for the 25th edition of the Club. I
also participate to the 2012 Edition of the “Doctoriales”, a one-week immersive seminar for PhD
Students in the county (around 70 students selected per edition) where tasks are organized per team
with Companies in order to learn and practice economy, personal development skills, creation and
presentation of an innovative project we have to imagine.
Animal Welfare Level 1
CNRS, Marseille, France. Updated with Swedish Legislation (Module A) in 2014

February 2009

Bachelor and Master Degrees
September 2008 – September 2010
Bioengineering, specialization in Molecular and Cellular Biotechnologies
University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III, France (Institut Universitaire Professionnalisé (IUP))
DEUG Degree (2-years University Degree)
Cellular biology and Animal physiology
University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III, France

September 2006 – June 2007

Preschool for Veterinary College
BCPST section
High School Ozenne, Toulouse, France

September 2005 – June 2006

Baccalauréat Scientifique
High School diploma, scientific option, equivalent to A-Levels
High School L. Limosin, Limoges, France

June 2005

Post-doctoral researcher
February 2017 - now
Linköping University, Sweden (IKE, Surgery)
Epithelial regeneration in wound healing in mice
Methods. Development of acute mice-colitis models using chemicals
compounds (TNBS and DSS) for studying Wnt signaling pathway,
cytokines analyses by ELISA and Western-Blot, macroscopic effects
evaluations, plasmid cloning, CRISP-Cas9 system, cells culture, cell
transfection and generation of mutants, genetically modified mice.
Supervised by Dr. Stefan Koch.


Problem solver

Post-doctoral researcher
November 2013 – February 2017
Linköping University, Sweden (IKE, Surgery)
Barrier function in animal models of inflammation bowel disease
Methods. Development of mice-colitis models (TNBS and DSS) for
the characterization of the anti-inflammatory response induces by a
new generation of PPAR-gamma agonists with soft-drugs
properties, developed by Albireo AB or other targets identified.
Comparison with tissues from Ulcerative colitis or Crohn patients at
different levels (cytokines and inflammatory response, genes,
macroscopic evaluation...). Directed by Johan D. Söderholm.

Self-motivated and

Master Research project
January 2010 – August 2010
Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmétique (Toulouse, France). Full-time
immersive project in Industry
Characterization of the inflammatory response of a reconstructedepithelium model
Methods. RT-qPCR for Gene expression on tissues by RT-qPCR,
immunohistochemistry for protein localization and expression level,
immunohistochemistry, cellular biology (primary cells and cell
lines, cells viability, cell test for activation of NF-ҡB pathway and
cellular proliferation), protein quantification by Luminex. Directed
by Marguerite Levêque.

Ability to take on

Master Research project
February 2009 – July 2009
Sanofi-Aventis (Toulouse, France). Full-time immersive project in
Cloning, expression and activities of a chaperon protein in order to test
potential inhibitors by activity test in vitro for oncology and infectious
disease drug research
Methods. E. coli culture, gene cloning, expression and protein
purification, development of activity test for protein in vitro in order
to characterize drugs compounds. Directed by Dr. Sandra Silve.
Veterinary assistant
Summer term 2007, 2008 and 2009
LAPVSO (Laboratory of veterinarian anatomy-pathology of the
South West, Toulouse, France)
Assistant to the Veterinarian, from the total piece of tissue to the
preparation for diagnosis. Role: read the records of the samples send
for analysis in order to guide the veterinarian for the preparation of
the samples and take note all the comments from the veterinarian.

Initiative taker
Ability to work well
under pressure
Organized and meet

Team player and
team manager
Written and verbal
communication skills
(oral presentations
and articles)
I.T. skills including
experience in
Microsoft Office
(Word, Excel,
Photoshop and
ImageJ, Graph Pad



ECCO (European Crohn´s and Colitis Organization) member


MIIC SAP Seminar organization
February 2017 - now
Each Monday from February 2017 for PhD student and post doc within MIIC group at Linköping
Linköping Junior Faculty
September 2014 - present
Active member, participation to Lunch Meeting, Workshop, seminars.
Involved in Reference Group meeting where decisions are taken and in Working group dedicated
to specific questions, initiation of Afterwork events.
A2D2 (Association des anciens des Doctoriales)
2013 - 2014
Active member and Secretary of the Association.
This association allows the PhD students who participate to the annual event "Les Doctoriales" to
keep in touch and meet PhD graduated scientist in order to create an active and multidisciplinary
scientific network in the county of Toulouse. Diverse activities (Meetings, activities on week-end...)
are organized regularly. The board member also have to represent the association during the
"Doctoriales" annual event.
APro’Doc (Avenir professionnel des Doctorants)
2010 - 2011
Member of the organizational Committee.
APro’Doc is a volunteer organization for PhD students is the county of Midi-Pyrenees in France.
This organization aimed to organize an annual event in order to develop contacts between Academia
and Industry. In 2011, we proposed lectures and workshops for 200 PhD students and major
companies as Pierre-Fabre, Total, Continental, Meteo-France, innovative start-up companies
(Genticel…) were presents to give advices during all the day to the students.
Center for the Protection of the Wildlife "SOS FAUNE SAUVAGE"
2002 - 2006
Volunteer animal keeper for protected animal species. Vice secretary of the association (2004-2006).
Center with State agreement (Verneuil sur Vienne (87, France)). The purpose is to collect the
wounded animals of the protected Wildlife and to release them in their natural environment.



Dances (Salsa and Tango)
Handcraft (painting, drawing, jewelry…)
Outdoor activities (hiking, fishing, camping)



Pr. Johan D. Söderholm

Dr. Åsa V. Keita

Pr. Vassilia Théodorou

Dr. Muriel Mercier-Bonin

Linköping University
IKE, Division of Surgery
SE-581 85 Linköping

Linköping University
IKE, Division of Surgery
SE-581 85 Linköping

Equipe 4 NGN
180, chemin de Tournefeuille
31027 TOULOUSE cedex 3

INRA UMR 1331 TOXALIM Equipe 4
180, chemin de Tournefeuille
31027 TOULOUSE cedex 3




Background. Despite a large body of literature incriminating mucus alterations in the pathogenesis
of Intestinal Bowel Diseases (IBD), structural and physical changes in the mucus layer remain poorly
understood in the micro-inflammatory context of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Moreover, some
probiotic treatments prevent stress-induced intestinal epithelial barrier impairment but little is
known about their influence on intestinal mucin structural modifications and mucus properties
induced by stress. Thereby, this study aimed at evaluating whether (i) a chronic stress modified the
number of gut goblet cells and Muc2 expression and O-glycosylation, (ii) L. farciminis (LF) treatment
prevented these alterations and (iii) observed effects were related to the in vivo colonization capacity
of LF.
Main results and conclusions. Water Avoidance Stress (WAS) did not modify neither the number of
intestinal goblet cells nor Muc2 expression. Mass Spectrometry analysis demonstrated that Oglycosylation of mucins was strongly affected by WAS, and confirmed in another model of IBS
(maternal deprivation model). Under stress conditions, the mucus layer, showed a flattened
morphology, probably indicative of a loss in its cohesive properties. The mucus layer alteration was,
thus, in relation with epithelial barrier impairment and visceral hypersensitivity. LF administration
prevented WAS-induced functional, biochemical and physical changes of mucus. The presence of
LF in the ileum and colon was confirmed and we observed that Segmented Filamentous Bacteria
(SFB) population was reduced by LF.
Chronic stress induced functional changes in rats, as well as a shift in mucin O-glycosylation rather
than changes in mucin expression, resulting in a loss of mucus layer cohesive properties. These
results confirm that LF is a valuable probiotic in the IBS management.
Methods. IBS Animal model (WAS and maternal deprivation), histological, Mass Spectrometry,
Microscopy (Fluorescence, AFM, SEM and TEM), bacterial localization by Fluorescence In Situ
Hybridization (FISH), qPCR, intestinal paracellular permeability, visceral sensitivity.



Courses Attended
Bengt Ihre Research School
September 2016 – October 2017
Post doc program that aims to educate individuals who has completed their PhD in the
gastrointestinal field in leadership skills and writing of grant applications in translational
gastroenterological research, program opened for both clinical and basic science researchers and
provides a translational network of upcoming opinion leaders in Swedish gastroenterology.
INRA Summer School
INRA department AlimH (France), 2014 thematic “Nerve System and Nutrition”
One week program, lectures and presentations, articles comments and debates.

June 2014

Congress participations
Oral communications
- Congress “Biofilms for Biotechnologies and Bioenergy” (2012, Narbonne, France)
- 18th International Symposium of Lactic Bacteria Club (2012, CBL, Clermont-Ferrand, France)
- 4th Health Food Symposium (2012, Toulouse, France)
- Digestive Disease Week (2013, Orlando, USA) and attribution of Travel grant
- Annual meeting of the French Group in Neuro-Gastroenterology (2014, GFNG, Bordeaux,


United European Gastroenterology Week (2015, UEGW, Barcelona, Spain) for Poster in the
Spotlight Session and attribution of Travel Grant

Main Presented Poster
- Lab10 (2011, Netherlands)
- Biofilms 5th (2012, Paris, France)
- Cell Symposia: Microbiome and Host Health (2013, Lisbon, Portugal)
- Meeting INRA-Rowett (2014, Aberdeen, Scotland)
- United European Gastroenterology Week (2015, UEGW, Barcelona, Spain)



Travel grants for DDW
GFNG and SFN (French Societies) for Digestive Disease Week (DDW), Orlando, US (1 000 euros)
Travel grants for UEGW
UEGW Travel grant, Barcelona, Spain (1 000 euros)




Stéphanie Da Silva, Alessandro Mancuso, Myriam Mercade-Loubière, Christel Cartier, Marion
Gillet, Afifa Ait-Belgnaoui, Pascal Loubière, Catherine Robbe-Masselot, Vassilia Theodorou, Muriel
Mercier-Bonin. Intestinal mucus alterations induced by chronic stress are linked to changes in
mucin O-glycan structure rather than MUC2 expression: prevention by a probiotic treatment, May
2013, Gastroenterology Vol. 144, Issue 5, Supplement 1, page S-88.
Published abstract of oral presentation at DDW, Orlando, 2013.
Stéphanie Da Silva, Catherine Robbe-Masselot, Afifa Ait-Belgnaoui, Alessandro Mancuso, Myriam
Mercade-Loubière, Christel Salvador-Cartier, Marion Gillet, Laurent Ferrier, Pascal Loubière,
Etienne Dague, Vassilia Theodorou, Muriel Mercier-Bonin. Stress disrupts intestinal mucus barrier
in rats via mucin O-glycosylation shift: prevention by a probiotic treatment. Am J Physiol
Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2014 Aug 15;307(4):G420-9. doi: 10.1152/ajpgi.00290.2013.
Stéphanie Da Silva, Arthur Raymond, Myriam Mercade-Loubière, Christel Salvador-Cartier,
Renaud Léonard, Afifa Ait Belgnaoui, Pascal Loubière, Catherine Robbe-Masselot, Vassilia
Théodorou, Muriel Mercier-Bonin. Spatial localization and binding of the probiotic Lactobacillus
farciminis to the rat intestinal mucosa: influence of chronic stress. Plos One. 2015 Sep
14;10(9):e0136048. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0136048. eCollection 2015.
Stéphanie Da Silva, Åsa V. Keita, Sofie Mohlin, Sven Påhlman, Ingrid Påhlman, Johan D.
Söderholm. A novel PPAR-gamma agonist, AS002, induces PPAR-gamma activity in ulcerative
colitis mucosa, and prevents and reverses inflammation in DSS colitis. United European
Gastroenterology Journal. October 2015; 3 (5 suppl), 23rd United European Gastroenterology Week
Barcelona, Spain, October 2015 Abstract Issue, page A590 (P1527).
Published abstract of oral “Posters in the Spotlight” presentation UEGW, Barcelona, 2015.
Stéphanie Da Silva, Åsa V. Keita, Sofie Mohlin, Sven Påhlman, Vassilia Theodorou, Ingrid Påhlman,
Jan P. Mattson, Johan D. Söderholm. A novel topical PPARγ agonist induces PPARγ-activity in
ulcerative colitis mucosa and prevents and reverses inflammation in induced-colitis models. Minor
revision, IBD Journal.

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