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1. This is the second of a series of three publications dealing
with World War II APos. In this particular list, the cities or small
islands at which APOs were located are arranged in alphabetical order
without regard to country or other major geographical division and the
APOs are listed in the order in which they comnenced operation at such
points. Appendices 1 and 2 show, respectively, those APOs for which
the country or island of location is known but not the city, and those
used by the various Army groups, Armies, Corps and Divisions.
2. The first APO list, which was distributed in July 1948, is a
numerical listing of AP0s with the geographical locations arranged
chronologically. The third list, which will be published at some
future date, will consist of a separate alphabetical listing for each
country, island group, or similar geographical division.
An explanation of the various abbreviated postmaster addresses
is given below:




Miami, Florida
Minneapolis, Minnesota
New York, N. Y.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Presque Isle, Maine
San Francisco, Calif.
Seattle, Washington