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Precautions to take before you buy
Condos for sale
The condo is an attractive property in Kelowna. Less expensive than a single-family home, it has several
interesting advantages, especially for first-time buyers.
Be aware that buying a condo is a bit different from acquiring a home. Here are five precautions that
should be taken before the purchase of a condo:
Read the co-ownership rules
You cannot do whatever you want when you buy townhouses for sale in Kelowna. Rules are established
for the well-being of the occupants and the proper management of the building. The buyer must also
see a copy of the rules before proceeding to the action to ensure that they are suitable for them.

You have to be careful, sometimes it is forbidden to own a barbecue or a pet!
Read the minutes of the meeting
Meetings of co-owners are held regularly to ensure the good administration of the building. By taking a
look at the minutes, it is possible to get acquainted with the hot topics that pertain to the management
of the building and to know the decisions that have been made by the assembly.
Find out more about condo fees
Condo owners need to pay a monthly fee for the management and maintenance of the building. It is
important to know the amount to be disbursed. In some cases, the bill can be salty! These additional
expenses must be taken into account when making a budget.
Check the amount of the contingency fund
Part of the typical costs is used to set up a contingency fund to carry out major repairs to the building. If
it is well stocked, it is less likely that homeowners will have to use their savings in the event of a glitch.
The inspection of new homes for sale in Kelowna makes it possible to inquire about the state of the
coveted property. In the case of a condo, the inspection may extend to the common areas of the
building such as corridors, stairs or roof.
Another great point for those who want to buy a condo in Kelowna for sale, the exteriors of the
residences which are very neat and offer beautiful services: a magnificent swimming pool, a gym, a
clubhouse, a tennis court, a convivial space, a games room, etc. Finally, all the condos in an exclusive
sale with Kelowna are renovated which brings them an unquestionable extra cachet.

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