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Things I miss from home

Test your grammar

Casual conversations
Great to see you!
Don't I know you from somewhere? p 13

Informal writing
Correcting mistakes plO)

Talking about places
It's right on the banks of the river.
It's a fifteen-minute drive. p21

Writing a formal letter
or email
A letter of complai nt p104

People desc ribe what they
miss when they travel
abroad p9

Talking about you and
your family using time

What do you think?
The pros and cons of

living abroad p9
Dreams come true
People describe their
experience of one of the
activities listed in ''The top

15 things to do before
you die' pI7

Exchanging information
Tany and Maureen

Wheeler p16
Things to do before
you die pl?

What do you think?
Sharing opinions on
an article pI9

Page to screen
Techno fan aunt chooses
Kindle over hardback;
cinema-goer argues for 3D
over down load p28
News bulletin
Two news stories on the
radio p24
Book at bedtime
A short story on the
radio p26

Specu lating about the truth
behind a news story p23
Exchanging information
Retelling and responding to
a news story p24
What do you think?
Talking about a short
story p27
Talking about books and
films p28

Showing interest and surprise
Echo questions
A new boyfriend?
Reply questions
'He lives in a castle.' 'Does he?' p29

Narrative writing 1
Using adverbs in narratives
I used to go skiing
frequently in winter. pl06

Secrets and lies
People phone in to a
radio programme called
'Confessions' to talk about
a past lie or secret and ask
for forgiveness p33

What do you think?
Good and bad lies p33
Exchanging information
Conspiracy theories p34

Being polite
I'm sorry to bother you.
Could you possibly change a
ten-pound note? p37

Linking ideas
whenever, so that, even
though plO?

A NEET solution
Three young people talk
about their experience

Future possibilities in your
life p40
What do you think?
Getting rrom NEET to
EEl' (Educated, Employed,
and Trained) - discussing
possible solutions from
around the world p41

Over the phone
Starting a phone call
Ending a phone call
Roleplay p45

Applying for a job
A CV and covering
letter p 108

A lifestyle survey p48
What do you think?
Bodyadvertising p49
Exchanging information
Famous brands pSO
Business presentation
Starti ng a restaurant pS2

Business expressions
Bear with me.
I'll em ail the information as an
attachment. pS3
Numbers, fractions, decimals, dates, times,
phone numbers, sports scores pS3

Report writing
Aconsumer survey
FAO: The Managing
Director pllO

of being NEET (Not in
Employment, Education, or
Training) p41

Adverts all around!
A radio programme
discussing the effectiveness
of body advertising p49