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Getting married
An Indian lady talks about
her arranged marriage pS7

What do you think?

Exaggeration and understatement
I'm crazy about you!
I'm rather fond ofyou. p61

Arguing your case
For and against

What awful music!
How stra nge!
What a brilliant idea!
Mmm. It's absolutely delicious! p69

Describing places
My favourite part of town

Making your point

Writing for talking
An early memory

'The pros and cons of
arranged marriages pS7
Why young adults still
live with their parents p58

First of all ... , not only ...
but also pl12

Talking about you
Us ing expressions with

get p60
Extreme temperatures
People describe their
experiences in extreme
weather conditions p68

Adding more detail
Describing pictures p64

Role play
Interview with Bob
Redman p67
Talking about your
experiences of extreme
weather p68

A teacher to remember
People describe a teacher who
made a lasting impression on
them p73

What do you think?

The story of Jim and the lion
Jim, who ran away from his
nurse and was eaten by a lion
- Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary
Tale Jar Children p84

The murder game
One man drops dead
in a country house: a
whodunn it game p8 1
What do you think?
Ch ildren's stori es p84

Metaphors and idioms - the body

Dreaming the perfect dream
An app deSigned to create
happier dreams p92

Talking about you
Discussing your wish
list p88

Moans and groans

A teacher to
remember p73
Life in the past p74
A class debate
Preparing and conducting
a debate p77

What do you think?

To be honest.
It's my firm opinion that.
Generally speaking, . p77

on its last legs
finding my Jeet p8S

I'm Jed up with ... f
What a pain!
It drives me mad! p93

['m a Greenwich Villager, and
proudoJit. pll3

Today 1 want to talk about

Adding emphasis in writing
People of influence

What [love about my
grandfather is pll6

Narrative writing 2
Linking words and


As soon as, Eventually, By this
time, Finally pIl7

Important questions in

life p90
Describing your
dreams p92

~~----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time of life
People talk about important
moments in their lives p97
A poem
No time to think p 100

Time quiz?
Discussing you r time
What do you think?
The different ages of
life p97
Is life today too
busy' p lOO

Linking and commenting

Personally, Anyway, HopeJully plOl

Improving style and cohesion
An architect for our time
Zaha Hadid: a fa mou s
Iraqi-born architect p 118


Irregular verbs/Verb patterns


Phonetic symbols