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Neptune P2P Group Security Intelligence Report
28th September 2017
Position: 1557N 05229E

28th September 2017 1236 UTC

Location: Gulf of Aden

Incident details
On the 28th September at 1236 UTC MT reported they were under attack in posn 1557N 05229E. MT attacked by 1
small boat with 5-6 POB, shots fired. MT confirmed vessel and crew are safe and proceeding to next port. (Source:

Intelligence Comments
Reported incidents, although few and far between, over the past month have been concentrated in and around the
Bab-el-Mandeb strait and Southern Red Sea. This incident was located nearby to Nishtun in south-eastern Yemen in
the Al Ghaydah district. The surrounding coastal waters are part of a known fishing area. As the Indian Ocean Region
enters the inter-monsoon period fishing activity will heighten in the region. It is assessed as likely this incident was
attributed to a regional pattern of life in the area, most likely fishermen who often carry weapons to protect
themselves and their territory. It is therefore assessed as unlikely this attack is attributed to Somali piracy or terrorist
affiliated activities. However, with limited information it is difficult to assess. It should be noted that as the Indian
Ocean enters into the inter-monsoon period, favourable weather conditions may see another surge in piracy related
activity as was seen in the previous period spanning from March to June. Extreme caution must be exercised.

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