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Unsurpassed Medical Care. Thoughtfully Delivered.
What Immediate Medical Care Should Be
When you’re sick or hurt, you want a doctor’s help. But in a hospital
emergency room, discomfort, chaos and a long
wait can make your situation worse, let alone
expensive. And for routine care, getting a
doctor’s appointment can take weeks.
STAT MED Urgent Care provides immediate
access to a team of doctors who have practiced
in hospital emergency rooms and in local
primary care practices. That means they can
handle everything from more severe injuries
and illnesses to routine medical exams.
With up-to-date facilities, private rooms, and
unrushed attention from genuinely caring
professionals, STAT MED Urgent Care helps
make you feel better from the moment you
walk in the door. And if you need an EKG, lab
or x-ray, there’s no need to go to another floor
or health provider. Comprehensive services are
on-site to expedite your care.

Comprehensive Services for Whatever Is Urgent to You.

Providing a full spectrum of immediate care for infants to seniors, and
everyone in between

All services are coordinated within each STAT MED clinic, so
that your doctor seamlessly can answer your questions,
interpret test results, and provide the expert treatment you
A summary of our comprehensive services follows.

STAT MED is a preferred provider for most major insurance
STAT MED Urgent Care is contracted with
all major commercial insurance companies
and Medicare, including most of the Plans
provided by the carriers listed below. Most
insurance companies have a multitude of
Plans with varying levels of coverage, so
we encourage patients to contact their
provider to find out their specific coverage
While our reimbursement specialist will
work with you, it is the patient’s
responsibility to verify and understand
their medical benefits, knowing that they
are responsible for all charges not
reimbursed by their insurance provider
including co-pays, deductibles and any ancillary charges.

Join the STAT MED Urgent Care Team
STAT MED Urgent Care team members are passionate about delivering highquality, timely and patient-centered care. This passion unites all of our team
members from our physicians to our office staff.
As a rapidly growing company, we are always looking for individuals who share
our unwavering commitment to patient care delivered in a compassionate

Fast Access to More Advanced Urgent Medical Care
It can be confusing where to seek medical care, whether you need a flu shot,
treatment for an infection, or stitches.
Data shows 70% of Emergency Room (“ER”) visits are not life-threatening and
can be treated in an urgent care setting like STAT MED with appropriately
trained physicians.
Because STAT MED has physicians on-site with emergency medicine expertise
having worked in local ERs, STAT MED is able to diagnose and treat a wider
range of medical issues.
The following graphic clarifies how STAT MED can help you with basic levels of
care to more advanced medical situations.

Pleasant Hill / Concord
901 Sunvalley Blvd #100
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 234-4447
Email Us
Downtown Lafayette
970 Dewing Ave #100B
Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 297-6396
Email Us

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