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About Us
We are PU Leather Diary & Gifts Sdn Bhd trading as Maxxum Diary & Gifts. We were
first established in China in 2008, and have been in the Market with more than 6 years
Our priority business is the supply of Custom-Made
Organizers, Diaries, Notebooks, Folders, Folios,
Name Tags, Name Card Holders and Passport
Holders made from PU Leather. We also supply
similar products in Full Genuine Leather or PVC
depending upon our customers’ requirements and
We have a wide range of materials to select from including PU Leather, Italian PU
Leather, Classical PU Leather, Trendy Color PU and many special textured PU Leather
Materials, as well as PVC and Leather materials. These, together with more than 1,000
designs to select from for your corporate organizer and diary, can assist in making our
customers’ orders into outstanding products.