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What's up London #1 .pdf

Nom original: What's up London #1.pdf
Titre: MergedFile
Auteur: Allan Lemarchand

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by Allan Lemarchand



 i, my name is Allan Lemarchand, I'm a young
French man who just got to London. Found of
culture, arts, music and travelling, I decided to
create this new project called :
"What's up London ?"

In this blog, I'll be reviewing three places I went to
during my week, explain their concept, depict the
general atmosphere and rate them from cheap to
The goal of this project is to share my experience
as a newcomer, create discussion about the
cultural life in London and ease the access to
culture to everybody, regardless of their finances.
Hopefully, this blog will make some people
discover new places and make them eager to go
and explore the very exciting city that is London.




Former Bankside Power Station,
now houses Tate Modern.
Blackfriars station

Tate Modern is one of Britain’s finest art galleries
regarding contemporary arts. Frequented by arts
students questioning the meaning of the exhibition
with their Starbucks coffees in hand, tourists that
are sometimes exposed to modern art for the first
time, and some people who look like they're
wondering what they've got themselves into, Tate
modern is one of thevisited and biggest art gallery
in the world. The variety of the exhibition was
definitely a surprise to me : From a room to
another, I was exposed to so many different ways
of approaching modern art; I was fascinated by the
exhibition on light and colours, moved by the one
on feminism and disconcerted by some of the most
peculiar works of art I've ever seen. In the end,
Tate Modern left me with an odd mix of acatalepsy
and fascination, which never fails to have me
coming back.

  Like most museums in London, Tate Modern is
free to enter, but there are some temporary
exhibitions that require a ticket (15-20£)
Sunday to Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday and Saturday 10am-10pm

I give extra points to Tate Modern for its
accessible rooftop which offers a
breathtaking view over London


Coup de foudre
pour Portobello


Picture of Portobello Road
Notting Hill Gate station

The Portobello Market takes place on Portobello
Road in the very lovely and colourful
neighbourhood of Notting Hill. Made famous by
the eponymous movie which told about the
romantic love story of its protagonists, Notting
Hill appears as both a vacation from London and
an iconic part of the city. Portabello Market took
me on a journey both around the world, and to the
past. The wide choice of ethnic foods made my
gusts travel in all different parts of the world,
while my brain and eyes were fascinated by the
impressive amount of antiques on the market.
Portabello seems to me like the perfect get away
from the craziness of the city, even for just an hour
or two.

 When looking for antiques, Portobello Market is
a great place to search, but don't be afraid by the
prices. Street food trucks are present on the
market and offer cheap meals.
Monday to Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 1pm
Friday to Saturday 9am - 7pm
In addition to what the market has to
offer, the sceneray itself is worth a try.
The coloured houses which characterise
this neigborhoud of London will make
you want to fall in love, and make a
blockbuster out of it.


& tasty.


View of  the top floor and smoking area
Old street station

Located in the very funky neighbourhood of
Shoreditch (East London), DINERAMA is definitely
one of a kind; a twist to the traditional pubs that
are so dear to our fellow English neighbours. Neon
lights, industrial architecture, house music. These
are the things that hit me right from the entrance
of DINERAMA. I was suddenly transported to a
mix of a market,  fun fair and somewhat of an
illegal bar. I went there on a Saturday night, so as
one might expect, the place was packed.
DINERAMA is a pretty popular place for afterwork food and drinks, but not only; past 10pm,
people start getting a bit tipsy on their 5£ pints of
cider and start invading the open air top floor. A
few drinks later, I hit the streets of Shorditch,
knowing perfectly well that I'll be coming back to

 DINERAMA is not the typical cheap pub we all
know and love. For a pint of beer or cider,
customers have to spend around 5-6£ and
around 7£ for a glass of wine.
Thursday to Sunday
Even if the drinks and food might seem
a little pricey at first, the sceneray
makes up for it. I loved the very
underground vibe and decoration of

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