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BIG nAMe no BLAnKet
In the 1980s, George Rrurrambu, front man of the Warumpi Band, embraced
rock and roll, reggae and traditional culture to make public a new bush
politics that awakened Australia to a third world in its own backyard.
Popularly known for his energetic stage performances and charismatic
character, his fans revered him as the ‘black Mick Jagger’. He left a legacy
that changed the face of Indigenous music, uniting his own people and
promoting reconciliation. George Rrurrambu died a rock and roll legend in
2007 and there is no other quite like him. For the irst time, this is his story.


57 mins
Director Steven McGregor
Producers Rachel Clements, Lisa Watts
Production Company Night Sky Films
Broadcaster ABC TV
Night Sky Films