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Daphné Renauld
3 rue Xavier-Grall, 29470 Plougastel Daoulas (France)

Plougastel Daoulas, 10 January 2017
Subject: Application for the Project Pass'Europe
Dear madam/sir,
I am writing in response to the advertisement for project Pass'Europe in order to pursue a 2 monthinternship abroad. (Son prenom) Lescen, my advisor in the social services center in Brest, suggested that
I contact you about this internship opportunity.
My objective in applying to this position is getting myself familiar with the English language as well as the
desire to have an intercultural experience. I would like to do an internship in Dublin to improve my English
(I am reliable is not very relevant in this sentence). I also have never traveled to an English-speaking
country. I am willing to travel to one and also to acquire a good knowledge of the Irish culture.
I had a first taste of visiting countries abroad during my school holidays in Granada, Sevilla and Roma
where I learned a lot of about these countries. Exploring, meeting new people and sharing allow me to
become more open-minded (devenir plus à l'esprit ouvert)... This is why I would like to keep on discovering
through this internship opportunity (Il faut faire le lien entre l'experience passé et candidature souhaitée).
I define myself as a motivated and serious person. I would like to participate in this exchange program
because this new adventure will allow me to increase my communication skills (?) and experience (or
observe the functioning) a professional sector (abroad). I enjoyed working as a waitress last summer
because I like working actively as well as helping the customer discover a product (or a new food).
I would like to improve my skills as a waitress working in the hotel sector (?). I love to contact with
customers and being able to guide them in their selections (from the menu) according to their taste.
My real dream is to work in the field of art, particularly as a game artist. For the next two years, I will take
some time off my from studies in order to save money to finance my studies of art as well as to improve
my drawing skills (or to become more qualified in drawing). Then I will start my studies in a school of art. I
can certainly send you some of my drawings if you are interested. I will commit myself to make progress
with my English language throughout this internship. Nevertheless, my wishes will come true if I also get
the chance to observe a field of art such as graphic arts.
I am confident that my qualification matches your requirements well. I look forward to hearing from you
Yours faithfully,
Daphné Renauld

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