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A few words from the Director
Conceiving, negotiating, writing, anticipating, resolving conflicts and making
international contracts work is a daily challenge.
This detailed and in depth training is aimed at company lawyers, executive
directors, lawyers, accountants and any executive, as well as all those who wish
to be a part of any of the steps required when establishing an international
This training experience offers a practical and A to Z approach to writing an
international contract. We have founded out training program with more than
25 years of experience in the latter, and knowledge of all 5 continents in terms of
law. We constantly keep our training program up to date, and renew any details
of it when laws and regulations evolve and change.
The entire training takes place in New York City, which has for the past 100
years been the center of international contracts and international law. All our
professors and professional trainers are lawyers and experts in the matter,
especially in International contracts and commercial Law.

Olivier Chazoule,
International Lawyer. LLM,MBA
Director of Studies BFMS.NY

Olivier Chazoule
Director of Studies