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Day 1 (1/3)
8:15am:Arrival of participants with a Welcome Breakfast
9:00am: Training

Framework ofcontracts

Contract Law within the Stateof New York
The international Chamber of Commerce in Paris

Should we get rid of incoterms?

What is an international contrat? What makes the quality
and definition of an international contract?

Common Law contracts vs. Civil Law contracts
Contracts between two parties from different systems of

10:30-10:45 am. Break withrefreshments

Clauses of conferring jurisdiction
Choice of the type of Law used in the contract
Principles of libertyof choice
The case of an absence of choice
Applicable Law
Rome convention of June 12th 1980 (referring to the law,
applicable to contractual obligations).
Forum of choice and competent jurisdiction.
Validity of the clauses and choices
Elements taken into account by the judge
Re-qualification of contracts
o The predicamentsof translations
o The language of a contract: a hint regarding the
qualifications of the judge.
o The loss of quality of a civil Law contract due to its
interpretation throughcommon law.
o Consequences

Elements of a contract
Various components

Civil Law

Common Law

New York State Law

International Conventions

Vienna Convention of 1980



Practical use


Voids Contracts

10:45am: Training resumes

•Convention of 22 December 1986 on the Law Applicable to
Contracts for the International Sale of Goods