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ServoTrackTM Motion
Our patented ServoTrackTM
Technology makes it easy and
cost effective to shift from
stepping motor to servo
performance. ServoTrackTM is
unintentional stalling due to transient loads, and enables rotary torque and linear force
control as an integral function of your design. AND you will NEVER lose functional
control of your motor.
NEMA Size 8 (20mm)
Hybrid Stepper Motor Linear Actuators
The NEMA 8 is our smallest hybrid linear actuator. This
compact unit can be integrated into various applications
to provide precise linear positioning while occupying
less than 1 in 2 of mounting footprint and providing up
to 10 lbsF (44.5N) of continuous thrust. Ball screw
versions are also available.

DINGS’ now

Motion US LLC |
offers its
in a new line of

products. ServoTrack technology provides both dynamic closed loop control for your
motion control system and torque or force control as an integral part of the technology.

Compact Ball Screw Linear Actuators
A ball screw linear actuator is a linear actuator combined with a ball screw in a manner
that results in reduced form factor, as compared to typical linear actuators. This reduced
form factor is accomplished by mounting the linear actuator directly onto the motor
shaft, eliminating the need for a coupling to accomplish this configuration.
Direct drive coupling structure results in high efficiency and high level of precision.
VERY COMPACT DESIGN significantly reduces number of components and assembly

Koco Motion US LLC | DINGS'
335 Cochrane Circle
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
(408) 612-4970

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