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Information Session
Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program

The Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for
Education envisions its scholars
becoming leaders and ambassadors
for education
We provide access to educational opportunities for
high achieving, underserved Emirati & Arab youth


To create the next generation of leaders and
citizens; empowering youth to write a new
Arab story

The Foundation provides the support & skills
that students need to thrive through 3 programs
Catered specifically to Emirati youth, the Young
Thinkers program helps high school students
become college-ready and ultimately, collegesuccessful
Offers scholarships to Emirati and Arab youth to
pursue futures in science, technology, engineering,
and math disciplines
Brings online credentials and degrees from top
accredited universities to Arab youth anywhere
they reside


Who is eligible to apply?
The Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program is both needs and merit-based
Aspiring students that fulfill the following criteria are eligible to apply to the program:
• Arab citizen who does not have another citizenship
• From an underserved background, able and willing to provide proof of financial need
• 17-30 years old
• Earned no less than an 85% GPA in high school (if applying as a new student to an
undergraduate degree) or no less than a 3.0 at university (if existing student or applying to a
graduate degree)
• Be proficient in language of the program (English/French) to standards acceptable by top
• Be admitted to one of our partner universities for an undergraduate or graduate degree in a
STEM-related program or planning to apply before respective deadline
• Preference will be given to applicants who have lived in the Arab World for at least 12 years of
their life
All scholarship awards are conditional on students’ final admission to one of our partner universities,
which students would have to apply to in parallel to the AGFE application


What are the documents required as
part of the Al Ghurair STEM Scholars



- National ID Card
- Passport (if applying to universities abroad)
- Family book
- Refugee status documents (if applicable)
- Transcript from the most recent completed academic year or degree
- Results from any standardized exams already completed (only as required by the partner
university student is applying to)
- Salary certificate for any employed household members
- As applicable to any household members:
- Audited financial reports or tax declaration for businesses owned by any household
members (only if applicable)
- Proof of freelance work, for every household member who are freelancers/independent
contractors (only if applicable)
- Bank statement (at least 6 month duration) for savings and current bank accounts for the
applicant, their parents and/or their spouse (if applicable)
- Family house rent contract (if applicable)
- Proof of annual cost of education for each household member currently studying
- Proof of physical or mental special needs or chronic illness among the household members
(if applicable)

Depending on their intended degree, students
can apply to one or more of these 9 partner
universities in the Arab Region and beyond

Within the Arab World, our
partners mostly* offer both
undergraduate & graduate
STEM scholarships

Abroad, our partnerships are
mostly* to provide graduate
▪ Become demanded by the topSTEM Scholarships
employers across a wide range of
growing industries

*To keep up-to-date on our partner universities and sponsored programs at each university, make sure
to check the STEM Scholars page on our website:

What type of support is
offered to scholars?
Financial support
Mentoring and advising
Community service
Hands-on learning experiences
and leadership development

We have developed an online
portal to engage with scholars
through out their time at
university and to monitor and
follow up on their experience
We also assign a coordinator at

each of our partner universities

to support scholars

Network of Al Ghurair Scholars
studying around the world

Al Ghurair STEM Scholars
are those that stand out
1 Academic achievement
2 Resilience in the face of
3 Leadership potential

4 Commitment to the Arab World

We look for students who exemplify the Foundation’s core values and who have the
potential to become future leaders of the Arab region; the next industry experts, inventors
and policy creators of their generation

As part of the program, scholars have started
gaining work experience at various private
sector employers

Al Ghurair STEM scholars have been
featured on regional and international news
Syrian scholar shares his inspirational
journey from Aleppo to the UAE on CNN
Watch the full video here

Palestinian scholar from Gaza shares her story
and aspirations on Al Arabiya
Watch the full video here


Where do I start?
1. Visit our website: to
find out more & start your profile
today. This will help you keep up-todate with our announcements.
2. Start considering and
researching the universities you
intend to apply to.

3. Make note of & start preparing
the application requirements for
both the Al Ghurair STEM Scholar
Program application, and the
intended university application
4. Complete both your applications
before the respective deadlines




Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education

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