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PLACE Paris, France
JOB Retail Manager & Retail Assistant
CONTRACT Fixed-term convertible into permanent
START DATE End of January 2018
CONTACT Hugo Muzelle —
Satisfy celebrates the daily ritual of running and the elusive moment in which the mind is freed
- known by runners as The High. Our garments are created with an obsessive attention to detail
to facilitate freedom of both physical movement and exploration of the mind. All collections
are made of the world's most technical fabrics and are designed, prototyped and field-tested
in our Paris Creative Studio.

We are looking for two people to join the team and manage our very first Satisfy point of
sale in Galeries Lafayette Homme, Paris. Various contracts (full-time, part-time, internship)
available depending on qualifications of candidate.
­- Friendly and engaging personality
- Passion for running
- Experience in retail
- Customer management skills
- Multilingual (English mandatory, Chinese as a bonus)
- Interest in fashion / luxury
- Connection to creative cultures (music, graphics, design, etc.)
- Engage with customers in a friendly yet polite way
- Understand customers needs to make recommendations
- Ensure high level of customer satisfaction through excellent service
- Manage point-of-sale processes
- Maintain outstanding corner condition and visual merchandising standards
- Create daily / weekly reports on sales and products feedbacks
- Manage point of sale processes and inventory control



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