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Congratulations for taking the step in learning about a marketing strategy that works.
If you have the products you need to sell online, you should impress the target audience. Putting out
products for people to buy has too much competition. You need to have “spice”… “zing” …something
that attracts customers to your website. You need a cutting edge. That irresistible “something”, that will
ensure you keep your customers on your web page. If you keep your customer happy for just 6 minutes,
the probability of making a sale is almost a sure thing.

That is when you really need to consider video animation. Video animation on your website will make
the site look appealing; appealing enough to sell itself.
Even when your customers enrolled in a program that drives real traffic to their websites and your
website is among the rotation pool, the animation video on the home page will make the viewer study
your website in detail. There is a huge difference between someone viewing your featured website in a
rotation pool for 15 seconds tops and the person actually opening your URL in a separate tab. I do not
need to say that if your website captures the audience; your sales also go up. That is what everyone
selling anything online is looking for.
Sales, sales and more sales…
The secret to sales is simple, AUTOMATE your display page. Click HERE to find out how. Capture your
audience. Keep them for at least six minutes on your home page. Make sales that way.
If you need more convincing how about a case study: Amazon. This huge retail giant should teach you a
thing or two. There are reasons why it is so successful. Starting from its online presence, this is the

model of success. You are looking for success in business, right? It doesn’t hurt to imitate winning
strategies, does it?
On the home page, there is the top part that displays the featured products. That display is animated.
Video animation is in effect. Psychology will tell you that it is automated selling.
Automatic advertising draws people to your site and you get your sales that way.
You, the customer, went to the website to find something. However, another product flashed via the
display window and caught your fancy. You decide to check it out. What psychology is that? Automatic
selling! You will get to the product, get convinced by what you see and buy. Small tweaks in your home
page can make a huge difference in your sales.

Click here to access video animation tools

Many advertising sites will tell you that you need that perfect sales pitch. What if I tell you that
as good as that advice is, you can get better results with animated videos. Videos are powerful
tools in spreading a message. There is something about the sensory organs that makes your
brain tick. An individual suddenly feels the urge to know more. Knowing more is equal to a hit
on a product that you need to sell. A hit can easily translate to a sell. A sell adds up to your
sales. More sales mean success. That is your goal, right? A successful online business means
freedom. You have zero need for a job. You will fire your boss.

The secret lies in knowing and understanding the psychology of buyers. Instead of attending
classes, copy what the giants do. Results are much faster this way and you may not be in a
position to attend classes. Attending classes is also not a guarantee that you will succeed. Take
advantage of what works in the real world. Study the success stories. Any retail giant has an
animated video that shows what is on offer; copy that as it is working! Why complicate the
If you decide to place an image advertising your products, be prepared to lose sales. There are
enough websites out there that advertise their services that way. What you need is to

STAND OUT. In order to do that, stop with the cliché, “everyone is doing it” attitude.
Follow the crowd and expect mediocre results. Extraordinary results need a cutting Edge. Video
animation is your cutting edge in website promotion.
You do want extraordinary, right? Click HERE.

Think about it, why do you think Web design is hot cake? Because your website is a powerful
tool in capturing your targeted leads. Appeal sells. Make your site appealing. A simple way to
do that is adding an animation to your logo or giving the audience an irresistible display of what
you have to offer.
No one needs you to spend your hard earned money hiring web designers when there is a
simple tool that you can get to create an irresistible display window on your home page.
Create that irresistible display HERE.

This is one way to attract customers to your web page. Of course there are several other
tweaks to improve your business presence. Stop settling for average. Your business needs you
to keep improving it and in return you will keep making even more sales. That sounds good,
yes? It can only happen if you are willing to give it a try. All successful endeavors face some sort
of risk. You cannot succeed if you fear to dare fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Try tweaking
a few simple things and watch your sales soar.
The simplicity difference is what makes you a winner. Buyers want web appeal and easy
navigation. Giant retailers with an online presence have these two marketing strategies right.
Click HERE to learn how to make your website marketable friendly.

Remember that whatever animation you put in your website must be pleasing to watch. Use a
video that you would not mind spending time on. If you get bored looking at your own creation,
please do not assume that a stranger will like it. Check out the animation videos of giant
retailers if you need inspiration.
Business success is highly dependent on how you treat that stranger. See him as a person and
treat him like one. Do not see a sale only. That will result in massive failure. If a stranger gets
the vibe that you are only after their money, they will lose interest. Package your product
delivery via display nicely.
A good video animation can draw clients to you. Do not focus on a sale, but on showcasing your
products. The sale will follow.

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