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Voici le texte de la pétition en anglais.
N’hésitez pas à diffuser !!!
To our friends, colleagues, business partners, physicians, scientists, patients, and
anyone who wants to support us and distribute our petition.


to the closure of Galderma / Nestlé Skin Health Research and Development site
(Sophia Antipolis, France)

NO to the reorganization which impacts all the sites of Galderma / Nestlé Skin Health :
- closure of R&D site: 550 jobs impacted
- more than 100 jobs impacted in Paris
- closure of the industrial production site in Switzerland
- and jobs affected in Sweden

Galderma was established in 1981 as a dermatology-focused, Swiss-based joint-venture between Nestlé
and L’Oréal. The site of Galderma R&D/Nestlé Skin Health, is the largest laboratory in the world
dedicated exclusively to dermatology. This state-of-the-art center is the birthplace of the adapalene
molecule, the active ingredient of Differin and leading drug for the topical treatment of acne.

Nestlé has highlighted that skincare is one of the fastest growing business areas. In particular, Nestlé
completed its acquisition of L’Oréal’s 50% stake in Galderma in 2014 in order to operate as the
pharmaceutical arm of Nestlé Skin Health S.A.

The R&D center hosts all of Galderma's in-house research, pre-clinical and core development (clinical,
pharmaceutical and biometric) activities. The facility accommodates more than 18 professions:
researchers and laboratory technicians in chemistry, biology, pharmacology, histology, pathology,
pharmacy, formulation, imaging, project managers for clinical and pre-clinical studies, or regulatory
affairs, clinical monitors and clinical research associates, as well as accountants, computer scientists,
metrologists, electricians, safety and environmental specialists, lawyers, buyers, communication
specialists, administrative assistants… . All of them implement their knowledge in order to bring the
medicines on the market from Early Research to Marketing Authorization.

Galderma/Nestlé Skin Health is going to close its Research and Development Center in France.
All employees are impacted by the site closure : all activities will cease and an immediate buyer has not
been identified to acquire the site. Nestlé skin health proposes to relocate the R&D center in
Switzerland, where only 100 out of 550 employees would be able to find a new job.

In 2014, Nestlé bought L’oreal’s 50% stake in Galderma knowing the company's past and future
performance. Today, Nestlé has decided to close the R&D site under the cover of an alleged strategic
reorganization. The arguments stated are an alibi for getting rid of the site and outsourcing the activities.
The justifications to close the site are false. Three years ago, during the acquisition of L’Oreal’s stake in
Galderma, the market for topical treatments was quite the same as it is today. The words redundancy,
economic difficulties, restructuring of Galderma/ Nestlé Skin Health, have never been mentioned in the
announcement made by the owner, the food giant Nestlé. The only justification proposed is : "to open a
competence center for biological and systemic drugs .... near a suitable hospital ecosystem ". However,
the new site in Switzerland is not located within a suitable hospital ecosystem, except at the scale of a
hundred kilometers. On this scale the current R&D site in France seems more appropriate when we take
into account the dense and renowned hospital network of the Côte d'Azur / Monaco and South of
France. "

The reality is that the Nestlé group is under pressure from ultra-minority shareholders and activists to
increase dividends and cut the size of its workforce and peripheral activities (which includes Galderma

Employees of the R&D site have reached a dead end and need your help.

By signing this petition, you say NO!!!


NO to the closure of the R&D site in France
you support the employees of Galderma/Nestlé Skin Health in their claims

For the employees of Galderma/Nestlé Skin Health :

We ask the French Government to deal with this unjustified restructuring/reorganization
and Nestlé to review their decision to close the site.

We ask Nestlé, the French government and the local elected representatives to make every
effort in maintaining all the jobs on the site and to support, if necessary, the reorientation of
the site to adapt to the dermatological treatments of tomorrow.

We ask Nestlé to review their responsibilities and to punish those responsibles for making
the wrong strategic decisions, not the employees of the French R&D center.

For French taxpayers, we ask Nestlé to refund the sums collected in Research Tax Credit if the
current strategy for restructuring is not rethought.

For the patients, we ask for the support of all those who suffer from skin diseases and those who
wish that the knowledge generated on Sophia Antipolis site can lead to treatments and not to

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