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Anizy the Castle, on October 29th, 2017
Hello to all,
Here are news of the « Les étangs des Nénuphars » or « Water lily lakes »
We created a company for the management of the activity, find here our coordinates :
SAS LES ETANGS DES NENUPHARS (siret 832 498 489 00018)
Name: Lydie and Claude TAVANI
Address: 19 street Albert Thomas 02320 Anizy the Castle (France)
Facebook: New to water lily lakes
phone: 33 ( 0 ) 635105415

On the realized developments and to come

- The path is ended on the majority of the outline of the pond, there are some small partsto be finalized.
- The bridge is going to be strengthened next week.
- In November, 15 - 20 new carps are going to arrive, from lakes of the Moselle, soon photos …
- The foundations of the new wooden chalet are made, the construction should be finalized in February.
- The cleaning of weeds and water lilies planned in Mars.

Price lists and reservation for the season 2018
Le principle doesn’t change, the reservation is for the big lake complete
6 spots for 8 fishermen maximum
Period 7 days : arrived on Saturday from 12 hours and allocates Saturday following before 11 am
Price list 1800€ TTC, payment euros
Thank to specify if you already came during 2017 or before, a "friendly" price list will be proposed to you.
To book, nothing more simple :
- find the calendar (period begins in April till the end of October without closure)
- Send an e-mail with the period which you wish and the number of fishermen
- We confirm to you your meadow reservation, which will be official only after payment of an acompte
- payment of a 50 % deposit by bank transfer (Address and coordinates will be soon on-line) and to specify names,
first names and coordinates of each fisher.
- We shall confirm you your reservation by e-mail with invoice giving evidence of your paiement
- The balance of your payment must be paid upon your arrival, before installation.
If your group is too small, we can inquire for complete
PS: if you wish to use the middle lake for carp and silurid (catfish), contact us

- The internal rules are in the course of finalization, it will be available soon
- to participate at best in the improvement of our environment, we are going to set up a selective sorting of waste
1 container for the glass
1 container for the plastic, metallic boxes / bottles
1 container for waste
Positive attitude will be rewarded …
See you soon,
Lydie and Claude Tavani

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