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Solution Integrator
Job Description

The Solution Integrator will be part of the IT Software Delivery Team
responsible for the definition, implementation of all integration services
between Gambit and the integrated client. The position resides at the
intersection between a solution architect, business analyst and project
manager, as it requires skills in all those disciplines. The solution integrator
main role is to act as a translator between all the different roles within the
integration project.

▶ Must be able to explain and present to prospects a standard
integration of our products
▶ Participate in the IT infrastructure design at client side to install
our products
▶ Present the data catalogs required by the software, select
those which will be requested by the client and accompany the
client during the integration process
▶ Present the APIs available in the software, select those which
will be requested by the client and accompany the client during
the integration process
▶ Present the standard authentication mechanism and
accompany the client during the integration process
▶ Acquire the capabilities to distinct customization and
configuration of modules
▶ Define and document the integration process for each project
▶ Define with IT dev the Integration of new APIs/Data file during
the project phase
▶ Work with IT dev, functional, project manager and account
manager, in order to successfully identify, prioritize,
and provide subject matter expertise for developments
▶ Reports to the Head of IT Software Delivery

Gambit Financial Solutions is a
European leading expert in Investment
Advisory, Risk Management and
Portfolio Optimization. It was created
as a spin-off
(Management School of the University
of Liège).
While keeping strong ties with HEC as
the motor of its R&D efforts, Gambit
has evolved into a full-fledge
commercial company. It has developed
an international client base and
implemented its solutions in various
recognized financial institutions in
Switzerland and beyond. Each of those
solutions was built on strong expertise
in IT and financial knowledge, and with
client-centricity as a constant redline.


University degree or information technology or business management or equivalent experience
The Keys of the profile are : travelling, client contact, IT oriented
Experience as a solution integrator is a serious plus
Knowledge in webservices (REST and SOAP) protocols is a plus
Knowledge in Microsoft development technologies ( .net, sql ) is a plus
Ability to communicate with IT skills
Cross-functional collaboration Skills
Self-motivated with excellent time management and organizational skills
Demonstrated ability in planning and project management
Ability to drive to big picture goals and milestones while valuing and maintaining a strong
attention to details
▶ Junior or medior

▶ French and English

▶ A dynamic SME work environment with enthusiastic and talented colleagues
▶ The opportunity to work on your own initiative in a fast-growing SME in a dynamic field (FinTech)
▶ A varied working environment with a lot of room to be innovative and creative
▶ Fantastic career development opportunities as we keep growing
▶ A competitive remuneration package with fringe benefits
▶ A successful company with offices in Brussels, Paris and Luxembourg, and more to come

Work location
▶ Mainly in Liège, Belgium
▶ Other Locations: European countries

▶ If you are interested in this position, please send your résumé to Diego de Radzitzky & Jennifer
▷ Tel: +32 4 224 65 05

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