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Service Offering .pdf

Nom original: Service Offering.pdf
Titre: Accompagner les chercheurs dans l’expression de leurs résultats de recherches
Auteur: Houda Braham

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in Environment
and Sustainable
Tel: +27 (0)72 363 8107

I have developed 20 years of hands-on work experience in
environmental issues and sustainability as a project manager for
French local governments in various fields such as:
• city sustainable development plans (Agenda 21, Energy
and Climate Plan),
• waste management,
• green buildings,
• energy efficiency,
• eco-mobility,
• ecosystems protection.

I also managed programmes related to sustainable agriculture for
NGOs and private companies in France, Burundi and South Africa.

I like putting sustainability into practice and gathering multi cultural
and multi professional teams in order to develop cross cutting
projects and concrete action plans efficiently.

Do not hesitate to contact me for talking about
your project and see how I can assist you.


a Local Government
an Organisation
an NGO
a Corporate
a Consulting Company …

• to develop projects tackling environmental issues (energy
and waste management, green buildings, eco-mobility) and
build a resilient city?
• to put sustainability into practice and design relevant
• to foster sustainable peri-urban farming systems connected
to the city?
• to engage your staff in meaningful Corporate Social
Responsibility? Or you want to complete your team skills in
Environment and Sustainable development?
• to establish your activities in French-speaking countries?

Then, we can surely walk part
of the way together.

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